Prime Movers Dance Concert


PC: Molly Lawler 

Molly Lawler
Staff Writer 

Upon entrance into the UNCG School of Dance Theatre on Friday night, I was immediately transformed. The mere presence of the Prime Movers performers on stage and the complex intimacy of their movement was enough to leave me speechless.

Prime Movers is a student-led organization that works in partnership with the UNCG School of Dance, and helps provide UNCG students, dance majors and non-dance majors alike, with opportunities to create and share their work throughout the community of Greensboro.  

The 2018 Prime Movers Dance Concert was a perfect depiction of their mission statement. Together in the UNCG School of Dance Studio Theatre, the choreographers and performers of Prime Movers were met cheerfully by members of the Greensboro community. The passion and creativity by the performers was undeniable, inspiring the audience and painting an exciting and beautiful story.

The 2018 Prime Movers Dance Concert was different from years past in that many of this year’s choreographers chose to base their dances around themes and topics which have yet to be addressed in the world of dance. After attending a Prime Movers performance, there is no denying the talent and passion of UNCG students and their ability to inspire an audience without saying a word.  

One of the most interesting aspects of the Prime Movers Dance Concert was the contrast in choreography between different pieces. There were pieces which were fast paced and energetic, and others which were light-footed and fluid. ‘Falling Face First’ was an ensemble piece choreographed by Taylor Robinson which focused on the idea of growth and the difficulty of change.

This piece was particularly noteworthy, considering the choreographer’s ability to create movements within her dancers that so obviously portrayed a message. The synchronization and harmony that was achieved through the dissonant alignment of movements worked in a such a satisfying way. The passion and emotion felt by the dancers did not go unnoticed. Each and every thought-out aspect of the piece melded together to leave the audience speechless.

Another piece that I would consider especially notable was, ‘You Only Hear Me When I’m Yelling’, choreographed by Amari Jones. Jones chose to stray from the norm and used spoken word as audio throughout the piece. Through her spoken word, Jones told a heartbreaking story of a childhood experience with racism and its continuous effect on her life.

Jones’s technique of combining different art forms to create a piece which appeals to both the intellectual and visual aspects of artistic vision was bold, and truly left an impression. The use of language, emotion, rhythmic music, and movement amalgamated to create a performance that was profoundly moving.  

Prime Movers not only succeeded in orchestrating a moving performance but it also created an opportunity to unify the community through art and music. In addition to this, the funds collected from the Prime Movers Dance Concert ticket sales were used to fund a trip to New York for The Collective, an advanced dance repertory class from the UNCG School of Dance.

The talent, passion, and dedication of each and every person involved in the 2018 Prime Movers Dance Concert was undeniable, and there is no question that whatever artistic outlets and performances they have in store will be just as, or dare I say even more awe-inspiring, than this last performance.  

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