A Whole Lotta Lottery

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Ron de Varona
Staff Writer 

Let’s talk about winning the lottery. Your odds are slightly more than impossible, and it will probably never happen but if you do win, you would never have to work a single day in your life. Unless, of course, you completely forget who you are and forget what sensible spending is, which happens a lot.

I mean, it is called “the tax on stupid people” for a reason, right? But to be honest, when you are buying gas and you can spare a dollar for a chance to just receive ten thousand dollars, wouldn’t you? Is this form of legal gambling worth playing because the odds of winning change depending on what kind of lottery you play?

In addition to scratch offs, there are seven massive jackpot lotteries in North Carolina alone. Usually the more you spend the higher the odds of winning so if I have $100 to blow, would I be dumb to try and multiply my investment? Yeah, I probably shouldn’t do that. But this is what you should do if you won the lottery.

Okay first things first, file a suit to not have your name be exposed. People don’t think about the sad fact that people that your chances of dying highly increase after winning big. The “lottery curse” is a phenomenon in which you more likely to be murdered, and also more likely to kill yourself, on purpose or not. So for this very reason, if you win you should opt to not have your name announced or your face revealed.

It is actually because of these statistics that a woman in New York won a suit to keep her identity hidden after she won $560 million. With more money comes more freedom, but almost never more wisdom. Just picture it. You just won, lets say $700 million, and are financially set for some seven lifetimes. Even with half of that being taken out in taxes, you have successfully joined the one percent. What’s the first thing you do? New car. Or house. I would go with a new car first since I already have a house. I’d walk straight up to the Tesla dealership, and pay cash for a Model X and a Roadster. I’d need two cars since obviously now you can’t drive the sports car everywhere. To hell with it, you have the money for it… buy the dealership!

So easily you can lose reason. Before winning, you probably had to be wary of your spending. There might have been some kind of budget in place. You only bought the essentials because it is what you needed. But now you can buy what you want. That is how people ruin their fortune because, in my mind, you need to set yourself up before you spend any money on superfluous things.

With that money you need to buy something that makes money, like starting a business or buying property or a franchise. This, to me, is honestly way more satisfying. Why waste your money when you can turn your money into more money? Then you can waste your money all you want because you essentially just bought a job and you are the boss.

Family is a double-edged sword when the windfall happens. Cousins you never knew existed will come out of the woodwork to “congratulate you” and make up some reason as to why they need money like “my husband is dying.” They are the ones that already assume you owe them something because of the relation. You want to help some but if they all knew, they would all want something. This is why I stressed so much the importance of remaining anonymous.

If you become a billionaire and nobody knows, you can secretly help those that you deem truly in need and help them more than they could of ever imagined. With all that money, there is no reason to spend it all on yourself- an idea that is lost in the age of capitalism. Why only be rich when you can be a life changer?

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