Coming to Netflix: Must Watch Movies for February

PC: Emily Hicks

Emily Hicks
Staff Writer

Earlier this month, the ever-popular streaming service, Netflix, announced yet another price increase for subscribers. This time, the increase is the highest that it has ever been in the service’s history. While some subscribers are outraged, Netflix plans to make the price increase worth it by offering an even better selection of classic and new movies this February.

Fans of the late nineties movie series “American Pie” will be thrilled to know that the first three movies of the series will be joining the final film, “American Reunion,” on Netflix. For first time viewers, starting Feb. 1, the entirety of the series will be available to binge watch on Netflix. Sit down for a few hours of laughs to relax after a long week of classes with crowd-favorite actors like Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge and Alyson Hannigan as the gang grows up together, awkward as it may be.

“American Pie” follows the comedy of a high school kid doing anything he can to get the girl. “American Pie 2” shakes things up when the gang gets back together after their first year at college. With a beach house rental and painting jobs, the guys have their work cut out for them– but all they can see is the fun they’ve set out to have for the summer. Follow the guys as they attempt to throw party after party at their summer getaway and get tangled up in all sorts of antics along the way.

The third movie in the franchise, “American Wedding,” preludes the fourth and final movie, “American Reunion,” which takes fans on a blast to the past when the gang gets back together again. Having grossed $1 billion, the incredibly successful movie franchise is a stellar option for folks looking for a good laugh, as well as a nostalgic blast to the past.

Thanks to Netflix, it seems that “Shark Week” is coming early this year. What do you get when you cross a seaman, a marine biologist, and local law enforcement? Evidently, a shark hunting team that can take on the seas. Sit back and let the dramatics of Steven Spielberg’s killer shark drama unfold on Amity Island after a killer shark in the waters kills multiple swimmers. Will the island ever be safe from killer sharks?

Follow the drama with the “Jaws” franchise, streaming Feb. 1. The iconic first film follows the horrors of the killer shark attacks plaguing the vacation destination as authorities try their hardest to locate the shark at the center of the drama. When a bounty is put out on the shark in question, hunters and fisherman come from far and wide to take on the challenge for the cash reward.  “Jaws 2” and “Jaws 3” continue the saga of oceanic terror that is sure to leave viewers skeptical of taking a dip at the beach this spring break.

Can’t get enough of young(er) Steve Carrell in the first season of “The Office?” Tune in to watch “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” on Netflix beginning Feb. 16. Carrell stars as Andy Stitzer, an electronics store clerk with a vast collection of action figures. The only thing missing in Andy’s life is someone to love. When they learn that he’s never bedded a woman, Andy’s friends make it their mission to find Andy someone to do the deed with. Follow Andy’s awkward navigation in the world of love after he meets Trish, a mom who isn’t interested in the physicality of love. Will these two strike up a connection? More importantly to Andy’s friends, will she take his virginity?

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