Drew and Ellie Holcomb: A Musical Power Duo

Crystal Allen
Staff Writer

PC: Crystal Allen

As I took my seat in The Carolina Theatre, I knew almost nothing about the Nashville-centered couple. So, as the lights began to dim and cheers erupted from the audience, I had no idea what to expect. The second Drew and Ellie walked on stage, I could tell that there was something special about them. They encompassed this vibrant energy which made you just want to see what they were going to do. I watched as each of them went and grabbed their guitars, creating a rather intimate setting; just two individuals with their guitars making music together.

After a brief introduction, they jumped right into their set. I was immediately blown away. Drew’s vocals were pristine, with a beautiful dark but raspy sound that caught me off guard in the best way. Ellie matched him flawlessly with an alluringly unique sound that seemed almost effortless. Together, they were truly a power couple.

Though the music was definitely the highlight of the night, with “What Would I Do Without You” and their rendition of Sting’s “Fields of Gold” being my two favorite songs, I found that I equally enjoyed simply hearing them talk and joke around with the audience. Even when they messed up on the words, sharing a quick glance with each other before cutting the music to start over, Drew’s simple comment, “Professional, right?” had the audience laughing along with them as they bounced right back in without missing a beat.

The duo’s ability to curate such a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere was impressive and I loved hearing the little stories they would tell between songs. I was also honored to be able to experience a song from Ellie’s children’s book, “Who Sang the First Song?” called, “Sing,” where they were joined on stage by none other than their daughter herself.

As the night ended and I left the theatre, I immediately opened Spotify and began adding songs to my playlist. I would definitely recommend going to see them in concert, as somehow I believe that they sound even better in person. Overall, it was a wonderful night with fantastic music and even better people, and I look forward to seeing them again whenever they return to Greensboro.

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