Pastors to speak in support of Sheriff Kimbrough at Forsyth County Commission meeting

Contact: Andrew Willis Garcés

WINSTON-SALEM: Several local ministers plan to speak at the Thursday, Feb 14 meeting of the Forsyth County Commission in support of Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr’s decision last week to terminate a jail agreement with ICE. As of 9:20pm on Feb. 13 it remained uncertain whether the subject will be on the formal agenda, but if it is not, they plan to use the public comment period to speak in support of the sheriff’s decision.  

Pastor Lia Scholl of Wake Forest Baptist Church: “We’re glad Sheriff Kimbrough is taking this important step. Our county should not be profiting off of family separation. ICE detention centers are full of people who have not been charged with a crime, have not had due process, and who have been separated from their families with no recourse. Housing ICE detainees in our local jails means we aid and abet injustice. We hope that he also works to implement a written policy limiting ICE access to detainees.”

The meeting will be held at 2pm at 201 N. Chestnut Street.

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