Happy Death Day 2U

Brittney Bailey
Staff Writer

PC: Brittney Bailey

Happy Death Day 2U is a good high concept horror flick that will keep you solidly entertained. At an hour and 40 minutes, this film breezes by in a flash. It’s so fast-paced you’ll be surprised when the ending rolls around and you feel like the film just started. So, if you’re looking for something fun at the theater, look no more.

This movie is a sequel to the 2017 hit film, Happy Death Day. In the film, it stars a young college sorority girl named Tree who relives her birthday over and over after she is killed by a masked murderer at the end of each day. She has to figure out who the killer is, and stop them in order for the day to stop repeating. In the sequel, she gets thrown into the same loop again, but this time more of her friends are in jeopardy and she has to unmask a new killer.

The most powerful component of both of these films is the main actress, Jessica Rothe. She is extremely charismatic and sucks all of the attention from the room whenever she is on screen. She makes what could have been an unlikeable character someone the audience actually wants to root for. The supporting ensemble are all good actors, but the weight of these films solely rests on her performance, and she delivers.

Another strong point of the film is its concept. Happy Death Day 2U builds upon the previous lore, and tries to explain why Tree’s day keeps repeating. The result is that the sequel ultimately establishes itself as science fiction. So, if you like science fiction, time travel and multiple universes, then this film is just for you. This could also be a point of contention for others. If you liked that the first movie tried to presume that Tree’s repeating day was due to a connection with a personal tragedy and not actual science, then you probably will not like this movie as much as the first one.

The tone of the movie is light-hearted, but there are a few quiet and emotional moments between Tree and other characters that keep the film grounded. Yes, the high concept idea behind the story is intriguing, and this movie is basically a college version of Groundhog’s day. However, the characters are what keep you entertained. The script does a good job of making each character an interesting individual. It keeps you curious invested in the outcomes of these characters’ stories, and it encourages you to continue watching for the final outcome.

Overall, Happy Death Day 2U was thoroughly enjoyable. It is fun, heartfelt, and entertaining. Check it out in theaters now.

Rating: 4.2/5

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