Better Worlds- Review

Alliana Avancena
Staff Writer

PC: Keia Harris

Better Worlds is a website that is inspired by Octavia Butler and Stephenson’s fictional writing pieces. The visual space is entitled to a forward progression, as these social activists speculate upon a new world in the making. The main theme of hope lies within the centerfold of the making of this website. In today’s society, this connects to why we as a whole should prefer a dystopia rather than a utopia. In the universe we have now, there is a given amount of constraints. The idea of eternal life through a hologram is what most artists think will become of our world in the near future. We as humans love preserving what we feel is sentimental and important.

Better Worlds shows a distinct value to everything and everyone involved as the working classes coexist. Although there are constraints within our lifestyles, this hierarchy of time calls upon a new-found freedom. We can learn to live accompanying time, and progression is made with best intentions if provided. There is a need to discover more possibilities within positive energy and to remember what sentimentality brings to our lives. Science fiction expands the barriers upon our innate ability of imagination. Writers and creators today are pushing the science fiction books to the throne of a foundation to lay our future generations onto, so they can understand that there are more hidden meanings in actions rather than a perfect strand of words within a “reality” that is ideal to follow, just in order to bring in a higher income.

All throughout history, there has been a distinguished sense between skin color, political opinions, socioeconomic statuses and what role each of us play in the grand scheme of things. This is extraneous in that everything is entirely conceptual. It should be of essence to know the facts behind these odd stereotypes, myths and biased opinions, in order to kill them with kindness. In science fiction, this gray area is being discovered, a secret door upon realizing that capitalism is what holds us back from a different, possibly brighter future. Our society doesn’t know anything more than this boundary.

The assumed corruptness is due to the way others grew under different cultures and habits. Us humans act naturally upon instincts and impulsivity, therefore there is a governing body in place to regulate laws. We always give power to our government, but at the turn of our world into a new dimension, a new revolution may come about. In finding peace, there is a spiritual aspect to this magic of contemplation in an alternate world. In turn, better worlds make better people.

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