Julian Creech-Pritchett Two-Track Preview

Krysten Heberly

PC: Julian Creech-Pritchett

On March 1, local Greensboro singer-songwriter Julian Creech-Pritchett will be releasing two new singles in preparation for his album, “Live in North Carolina.” The songs are titled “All the Way” and “Siren Song.”

The first release, “Siren Song,” is a slightly more up-tempo track, describing the singer’s encounter with a Siren, and his debating about whether her love is worth his demise. Accompanied by an electric drum kit and a sly guitar lick which evokes the feelings of Mac DeMarco’s album, “2,” the lyrics really combine classic mythology with a new-age telling of star-crossed, and even doomed, romance.

The second release is “All the Way,” which begins with a single longing guitar thatplays a quiet repetitive melody throughout the song. As the soft acoustic sound ebbs and flows, Creech-Pritchett quietly sings, “You came to me with a question, you wanted to know how far I would go.” The song has a dreamy feel throughout, encompassing the sickly sweet and longing feeling of lovesickness and the emotions of a breakup.

Creech-Pritchett gathers inspiration for this two-track release from the pain of a 2017 breakup, which also inspired his album, “Break Me Down.” On the meaning of the tracks today, Creech-Pritchett says, “These days I don’t find nearly as much connection to the words because I have grown far outside the realm of that relationship, but I still play the songs because I really like them and because they mean a lot to me.”

Though the feelings may no longer be fresh, the emotion still drips from every word that Creech-Pritchett sings in both of these releases. Combining common experiences with his own take on the lovesick blues, Creech-Pritchett really creates a new kind of heartbreak song that feels somehow unique and universal at the same time.

Both of these singles are being released by Creech-Pritchett’s record company, which he has started right here in Greensboro. About his label, he says, “Yacht Club Records is a record company I own. The point of it is to have an easy, accessible way to have local groups get high fidelity recordings of themselves for a very fair price. Through this label I have recorded and produced 3 singles for 2 different groups.”

By releasing his songs through his own record company, Creech-Pritchett is able to retain creative control over the music he is producing. This is especially handy when it comes to releasing his own singles, which he releases through the company for “simplicity’s sake.”

If you would like to listen to Creech-Pritchett’s songwriting prowess for yourself, you can hear both of these singles at https://bit.ly/2T5maWb and you can pre-order his album at https://bit.ly/2EjI4KY.

You can also hear these songs live over the coming weeks at the following shows:

Saturday, March 2:
Steele House
439 Plainview Ave, Raleigh NC
8:30pm, $5 all ages.

Sunday, March 10:
New York Pizza
337 Tate St, Greensboro NC
8pm, $5 for 21+, $7 for 18-20/people without ID.

Saturday, April 6:
Patio of Foust on College Ave near Grey Dr.
1-5pm (specific set time TBA) Free, all ages

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