Dimensional Drop: Greensboro’s New VR Experience

Alfonzo Rodriguez
Staff Writer

PC: Alfonzo Rodriguez

Looking for something new, fun and exciting? Or perhaps you are looking to literally take a step into the future. Dimensional Drop has you covered. The new virtual reality gaming arcade Dimensional Drop is a new business located at 2616 Lawndale Drive. Owned by Greensboro natives Bryan Doyle, Christine Warner and Marc Calaco, this is not your average arcade. Offering upwards of 50 games, Dimensional Drop is poised to be the next big local attraction.

The games offered at the arcade range from first-person shooters to career simulators, and there is even a mind blowing VR version of Google Earth. Meaning, yes, you can take walking tours of Paris, Chicago or even Mount Everest within minutes! One moment you may find yourself defending a castle from orcs and dragons as an elf, the next moment you may be soaring through a floating pyramid, shooting your friends out of the sky with a rocket launcher. The possibilities are nearly endless.

When asked, why start a Virtual Reality arcade, co-owner Bryan Doyle stated that he had been itching to start a business for a while. Bryan’s business partner Marc helped to convince him to go for it, and together they put together Dimensional Drop. Co-owner Christine Warner designed the interior of the arcade quite well, giving it a welcoming and simplistic yet futuristic vibe.

Christine and Bryan have been in love with video games their entire lives, so it was only natural that they started a business around what they love. Dimensional Drop is a rewarding labor for them. The ability to introduce a totally new experience to people of all ages while also having a fun career makes the long hours worth it.

When Bryan was asked about the future of VR and the arcade, he said that everything is moving at a rapid pace. Virtual Reality is a great gaming experience, but it has other uses that are currently being implemented as well. Police are using technology to help train recruits, stores like Walmart are using it to prepare new employees for situations like Black Friday and even auto manufacturers are using VR to road test virtual cars by applying real world physics to a simulated model car.

Virtual Reality is one of the newest technological frontiers, and it is fantastic to be able to spend time solo or with friends in these new digital worlds. Dimensional Drop adds games weekly, and soon the arcade will start offering educational games for outings such as a school field trip. The arcade also offers memberships as well as reservations for parties.

This technology is incredibly fun for all ages to participate in, and you may even find yourself breaking a sweat! Even if you do not consider yourself a gamer, this arcade is a seriously fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening. If you or some friends are looking for something fun to do in Greensboro, definitely give Bryan and Christine a visit at Dimensional Drop.

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