Civil rights protest group in Winston-Salem receives backlash from online paper

Jamie Hartmann
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A Forsyth County high school teacher has been in the spotlight for her political group, Get Hate Out of Winston-Salem. Her group was started in order to bring the inequality between Black and white people to the surface, and to take down the confederate statues in Winston-Salem.

After the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Jones formed her protest group. Since forming, both the group and Jones have been under scrutiny. On March 25, Jones received a subpoena from the United Daughters of the Confederacy for her to show up in court and testify about the “resurrection” of the monument.

This is only part of the criticism Jones has been receiving.

Last month, Jones had Student Minister Effrainguan Muhammad of the Nation of Islam come visit her classroom to talk about Malcolm X and his impact on the civil rights movement. This has been perceived as Jones turning her classroom into, according to First in Freedom Daily, “a platform [for] a classroom teacher to promote anti-Semitic hate.”

First in Freedom Daily, who published the article featuring this statement, is a website that is owned by Mustard Seed Media. This media company also owns Big League Politics, another website that publishes right-wing articles and videos. Mustard Seed Media is owned by Reilly O’Neal, a Raleigh based political consultant. He has been known to support Neo-Conservatives in the past, such as Corey Stuart and Roy Moore.

The article against Jones did not hesitate to dig at her teaching and beliefs immediately, asking, “Do children in Winston-Salem need to learn about the ‘Un-Masking of Satan’? Does North Forsyth High School teacher Miranda Jones believe her students require ‘profound’ and ‘firsthand knowledge’ about the ‘Satanic Jew’?”

First in Freedom Daily claims Muhammad showcased an anti-Semitic video about hating Jewish people.  

“The video ‘Un-Masking of Satan’ was captioned on Twitter by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as, ‘Thoroughly and completely unmasking the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan.’ The presentation by Farrakhan warns viewers about a ‘system of tricks and lies’ about Jews forcing people into anal sex,” the article reads.

A Jewish member of Get Hate Out of Winston-Salem, Lillian Podlog, had a contradictory opinion of Muhammad and his presentation.

“The claims against her are patently false,” said Podlog to the Triad City Beat. “That video was not shown in her classroom. There was [no]t mention of Jews. She was teaching, ‘The Hate U Give’ in her classroom, which discussed Malcolm X. Students got a historical account of history in the Nation from someone who could give firsthand information. And, furthermore, there was no discussion of Jews in the lesson.”

Muhammad also disagrees with First in Freedom Daily, making her opinion known that Farrakhan was not anti-Semitic, stating that, “There is no hatred of any people of faith. He is critical of aspects of people’s behavior who use the good name of Jew to hide their errant behavior towards the black community.”

“I refuse to give my personal view on the Nation, and I take issue with the fact that it is consistently used to drive a wedge between the Black and Jewish community, discredit Black educators and activists and harass black Jews, specifically,” said Pedlog to the Triad City Beat. “I stand with [Jones] 100 percent.”

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  1. Did the author of this column actually read it before sending it to the printer? Did Jones notify the parents of her students she was inviting a junior minister of the Nation of Islam to speak to her class? So, help me understand…
    .a teacher in the Winston-Salem, Forsyth County Public School System decides to start her own political action group (Get Hate Out of Winston-Salem) and invites a junior minister of the Nation of Islam, to lecture her students about Malcolm X, whom had nothing good to say about White People, but was none the less, more than likely, assassinated by the Nation of Islam? You’ll excuse me while I laugh out loud at the statement that Minister Farrakhan is not anti-Semitic. Not only is he anti-Semitic, he is famously so. He has also been known to call White People the Devil and promote their elimination. An odd choice of lecturer for a Teacher who started a group called Get Hate Out of Winston-Salem. I do not know what was taught in that classroom, but I’ll wager it had nothing whatsoever to do with loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek, or forgiving those who trespassed against them.


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