Tame Impala is making some big moves in 2019

Trent Ryden
Staff Writer

PC: Keia Harris

On Saturday April 13, Kevin Parker and his traveling band Tame Impala took the main stage as the headlining act at one of the nation’s biggest and most talked about music festivals: Coachella.

Tame Impala headlined the festival alongside Pop R&B giant Ariana Grande and jack of all trades rapper, singer and songwriter Childish Gambino.

Tame Impala secured the headlining slot back in January when Kanye West, who originally was assigned the headlining gig, denied the opportunity, claiming that the stage was too small. As a result, the headlining performance was offered to the band.

The timing of Tame Impala’s arguably biggest live performance to date could not be much better, as fans still wait anxiously for the arrival of another official project release from Tame Impala. In recent weeks, Tame Impala has promised a soon-to-be-released album to fans “before summer 2019.” This next album would be their fourth studio album overall, and their first release in just under four years.

Tame Impala’s upcoming album is highly anticipated to say the least. Over the course of their first three albums, they have steadily expanded their horizons, stylistically and sonically incorporating sounds from musical genres such as psychedelic rock, disco, pop, and psychedelic R&B.

As part of their album promotion alongside their Coachella headlining debut, the band recently performed on Saturday Night Live two new songs, an already released single, “Patience” and “Borderline,” which has yet to have been officially released on streaming services. This promotional tactic has bothered some fans to say the least.

No one can really guess what this next project from them will sound like. Tame Impala creator, mastermind and frontman Kevin Parker has been quite busy since the release of Tame Impala’s last album, “Currents.” Since then, he has gone on to collaborate with some of pop-music’s most prominent names, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Zhu and even Kanye West.

Being such a versatile figure in music and maintaining a preference to be the man behind the curtain, save for the case of his own band, Parker has stayed quietly busy over the years, ghostwriting for several people in the music industry and working on his own side projects as well.

It appears that 2019 is the year Parker has decided to step back out into the spotlight. Perhaps 2019 could be Tame Impala’s biggest year to date in terms of streaming, performances, appearances and sales.

Parker has proven in the past that he always keeps a few tricks up his sleeve, and this year, it appears, will be no different.

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