“Soon You’ll Get Better”: Swift’s Latest Heartbreaker

Emily Hicks
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Most Taylor Swift songs typically do not leave listeners reaching for the closest box of tissues. Her newest release, “Soon You’ll Get Better” featuring the Dixie Chicks on her new album ‘Lover’ is not like most of Swift’s songs. Her heartbreaking new single delves into the emotional world of watching a parent suffer from cancer. Full of optimism, despair and beautiful soothing acoustics, “Soon You’ll Get Better” might possibly be Swift’s most emotionally charged release to date.

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift tragically informed fans that her mother Andrea’s cancer had returned. Mother Andrea Swift had previously faced the illness earlier in Taylor’s career, but had gone into remission. In this new track, Swift sings her mother a hopeful lullaby of sorts that breaks the hearts of her fans knowing what the Swift family is going through.

The soft acoustic melody of the song is soothing and tragic all at the same time. The ode to her mother shows the same softness and innocence of her 2008 release, ‘The Best Day’ on her sophomore album ‘Fearless.’ As many Swifties recall, the song ‘The Best Day’ describes many of Taylor’s best childhood memories surrounding her mother, who has seemingly been her rock throughout her tumultuous music career at such a young age. Later in the song, Swift notes “..And I had the best days with you,” which obviously represents the love and infinite gratitude Taylor has for her mother, Andrea.

Her mom has been hugely supportive of her music, so watching her first and favorite fan suffer definitely shows in the haunting new release. In some ways, this single is like a return to her roots compared to her newer work. Many of the other tracks on Lover are more new-age for Swift, but in ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’, Swift returns to her acoustic and soft style that compares to her earlier work. The contrast in style of the rest of the album to “Soon You’ll Get Better”, makes it stand out as the key track on the album. Exploring her fear of her mother’s mortality, Swift has produced what is quite possibly the most mature and sensitive track of her career.

Between the intensely emotional lyrics and the soft, comforting acoustics, ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ perfectly evokes the sense of doom and fear that Swift is so clearly feeling about her mom’s situation. ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ documents perfectly how Swift is putting on the facade of strength in this incredibly difficult time for her family. The single is undeniably a tear-jerker. Even for non Swifties, the track on ‘Lover’ is perfect for any somber playlist.

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  1. “Most Taylor Swift songs typically do not leave listeners reaching for the closest box of tissues”…oh, really. Are you sure about that? Lol. Me, I can think of one or two or fifteen. Other than that, good article!

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