Brockhampton: ‘GINGER’

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

PC: Hannah Hall

Without a doubt, Brockhampton is one of the most popular music groups among teenagers and young adults in 2019. Their unique ability to merge the popularity of rap music and the ‘boy band’ phenomenon of the 90s is undeniably the cause for their tremendous following. This coupled with their ability to create music that is of a genuine quality while still being relatable to their audience makes them a force to be reckoned with in the music world. The popularity of Brockhampton and their music continues to rise with their latest release, ‘GINGER’.

‘GINGER’, which was released to all streaming platforms on August 23, 2019, and is the rap groups fifth studio album. The album is a unique fusion of rap and pop, a sound that is highly associated with Brockhamptons music. The album’s sound can be best described as 90’s boybands meet today’s rap. Much of the music borrows greatly from the pop-ish sound of 90’s Hip Hop that was popular with groups such as The Fugees, OutKast, and A Tribe Called Quest. Despite borrowing from so many different genres, Brockhampton still manages to make this album something that has never been heard before.

The album’s opening track, titled ‘NO HALO’ sets the perfect tone for the album. The song pulls elements mainly from pop while still holding on to the signature rhythmic speech vocalization that categorizes it as rap. Most of the tracks on ‘GINGER’ align with more of a hip hop sound while also borrowing elements from other genres such as gospel and reggae. Other notable tracks on ‘GINGER’ include ‘SUGAR’, ‘I BEEN BORN AGAIN’, and ‘DEARLY DEPARTED’. The album wraps up with ‘VICTOR ROBERTS’, a track heavily influenced by gospel music. The rapping is layered over a slower piano track that resonates with church hymns. ‘GINGER’ is a very cohesive musical collection. Rather then being chaotic, the wide range of sounds creates a story that keeps you captivated until the end. 

One of the most noticeable and important aspects of the album is the abundance of religious nuances. This religious influence is prevalent in both the sound and lyrical content of ‘GINGER’. From track titles such as ‘NO HALO’, ‘HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU’, and ‘IF YOU PRAY RIGHT’ to specific lyrical references such as, “It’s hard to tell what the prayer compelled” or, “Thank God for me.” Other mentions of religion include the references to, “moving mountains,” and being, “born again,” and those are just scratching the surface. At the same time, much of the music borrows greatly from gospel music and spiritual hymns. Having these influences through the album gives a deeper meaning to every lyric. This specific use of religion is obviously intentional and sets a very interesting yet meaningful tone to the album and the messages the members of Brockhampton are trying to convey.

Brockhampton truly paints a picture for their audience with ‘GINGER’. From musical influences, strategically placed religious references, use of sound effects and layering and raw lyrics, this album is a storybook. Every song is riddled with emotion. As a listener, you experience the sadness and anger displayed within the music. It is easy to see what is happening throughout the music, which ties every piece of the album together.

Overall, ‘GINGER’ is an entire experience within itself. The album feels like a reimagined version of the 90s music that Generation Z and millennial era fans cherish so much. It roots itself into a perfect mixture of the warm nostalgia and the excitement of something new and different. The expansive range of elements throughout the album keep it fresh and fun while still having a distinct message at the forefront of every song. The strong religious influence within the music brings the entire album together. ‘GINGER’ is gorgeous album with a deep meaning hidden within even the tiniest pieces. Not one part of this album could have been left out. This is an album that you have to truly think deeply about what you listened to in order to fully process it and have the most significant takeaway from the experience. ‘GINGER’ is hands down Brockhampton’s greatest album to date.

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