I Unexpectedly Fell For the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Alissa Humphrey
Staff Writer

PC: Alissa Humphrey

The marvelous Netflix television series “GLOW,” or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is based on the true professional wrestling circuit of the late 1980s in Los Angeles, and a 2012 documentary highlighting the actresses and the production of their show. The series is the brainchild of Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. I highly recommend watching the documentary or even the pilot of the original show available on YouTube beforehand.

The Netflix adaptation is spot-on and all-around perfection! The series hits the mark of the 1980’s with elaborate costuming, the hair and make-up, the over the top atmosphere of the wrestling, and it does not just rely on that. It is the beautifully written narratives that give the show its life. 

The show mainly follows Ruth Wilder, an over-eager actress looking for her opportunity to finally break-out and become a leading star. Not really understanding what she is auditioning for with other misfit actresses and models, it is a serendipitous chance and seemingly the next big thing.

I ignored this series for three seasons, and I thought there was a justified reason to. Usually shows stemming from a specific time period only want to pull in and cater to a distinct demographic. To be honest, it really didn’t interest me. I watched the first episode and wanted to die immediately from the burden that is Ruth’s character. Her desperation was irritating. On top of that, the character was an absolute mess. 

I continuously paused and had to take breaks so I could digest who her character was supposed to be. But I trust Alison Brie who portrays Wilder, so I let the exquisite ensemble take me on their authentically colorful journey in their world of wrestling and life’s tribulations. I did not want to leave. I do not want to spoil much because this series needs to be viewed with fresh eyes, then my admiration and fondness will be understood.

There are growing pains and heartaches you go through with any show that connects and moves you. “GLOW” felt deeper to me because it reminded me of the strength and perseverance that I am capable of as a woman, and it was a genuine and raw experience. 

Opportunities will come and if they are meant for your soul, then you run with them. Absolute beauty can arise from it. “GLOW” does a phenomenal job of incorporating each of the women’s stories and sharing the limelight. Everyone is struggling and has a battle to face, and how these ladies are written to combat it makes them so strong and lovable. Hopefully, in later seasons, we will see more of the background characters such as Stacey, Dawn, and Reggie and we can explore more in-depth of who they are and how they ended up at “GLOW”.

In season one, it was hard to place all these people and their stories and how they would intertwine. I loved how in the first season there is no overwrought cliffhanger and you would have to wait in total agony until next year to watch. Everything and everyone came together. Such bliss and no anxiety to continue just pure excitement! So, I continued and it worth every minute I watched.

Over Labor Day, I binged “GLOW” I experienced so much more than an outlet of escapism. I saw how stories are meant to be told and captivating to anyone who watches. Flahive and Mensch have created a masterpiece and usually shows lose steam and wear out by the fourth season. 

“GLOW” makes me optimistic because there are so many stories to build on and it’s not overwhelming. With anticipation of this series hopefully being renewed, I am eager for more. These women and the women who they are based on are awe-inspiring for taking a leap of faith and creating something so momentous. Make time for this show. Becoming enveloped in the characters and their narratives is the most meaningful time I have as a television junkie. Take the chance and enjoy!

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