“Don’t Call Me Angel”: An Anthem

Emily Hicks
Staff Writer

PC: Emily Hicks

What do you get when three of the most influential female pop stars release a track together? More often than not, the result is an iconic anthem. “Don’t Call Me Angel” by Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus is just that. For fans of all genres, this catchy song with a unique beat could become a fall favorite.

The track was released ahead of the 2019 movie it was written for, the reboot of the 1970s series “Charlie’s Angels”. The new “Charlie’s Angels” releases November 15 2019, starring well known actresses Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, and Elizabeth Banks. Much like the 2000s reboot of the classic television series, the 2019 reboot will feature famous actresses of the time, making it more and more appealing to the modern generation. The classic plot with the addition of fresh faces could result in one of the best movies of the year.

“Don’t Call Me Angel” is an incredible fusion of talent by Cyrus, Grande, and Del Rey. The trio preaches independence and power on the track with lyrics like “Uh, I make my money and I write my checks”. The lyrics echo the themes of the respective albums “Norman Fucking Rockwell” and “thank u, next” by Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande, both released this year. Miley Cyrus’s strong woman attitude reinforces the lyrics that put whoever the man in subject is back in his place.

The video for “Don’t Call Me Angel” is nothing to scoff at, either. It opens to a dark and ominous scene where Miley Cyrus is walking into a warehouse in a dark angel ensemble. The video progresses with this dark angel theme, showing Grande, Del Rey, and Cyrus embarking on spy activities and singing as dark angels. The trio is clearly strong and independent. Del Rey’s cold and unbothered expression throughout the video is bone chilling. The influential pop trio assumes a regal and cool vibe throughout the video.

Instrumentally, the beat to the new single is unique, and quite strange. It is the first intriguing piece of the song before the lyrics even begin. The beat is almost carnival-esque, which draws in listeners before the tempo becomes clear and reinforced. This unusual beat carries the hard-packed message of the song incredibly well, and is not like other pop beats on the radio right now. “Don’t Call Me Angel” has an intriguing beat, and the lyrics are just as good and empowering for female independence.

If you are looking for a pop song to listen to while getting ready or waking up on the way to work, “Don’t Call Me Angel” is a great addition to any fast paced playlist. It is the perfect finisher for Del Rey, Grande, and Cyrus’s 2019 careers. If the new “Charlie’s Angels” coming out in November is anywhere near as exciting as this song, audiences everywhere are in luck.

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