Tate Street Festival: Music, Art and More

Imani Puckering
Staff Writer

Greensboro has an undeniably rich history of music, and the Tate Street Festival is an excellent showcase of the city’s musical talent. The festival, held on Friday, October 19th drew in more than just students and a local crowd, so it seemed. The festival was filled with a variety of music, food, and vendors, bringing together many people of different creeds. With ever so pleasant October weather passing over the triad, it was an enjoyable evening to be out and about listening to local musicians.

Rich Lerner and the Groove filled the streets with an upbeat country rock beat. The band has been making and producing music in North Carolina for years, and has a passion for bringing music back to their community, performing at music festivals and even creating their own festival called the Groove Jam Music Festival. They performed a handful of songs including ‘Five Nights’ and ‘She Keeps My Room Warm’, both of which highlight the bands traditional country roots, with rock influences through instrumentation such as solo guitar, slide guitar and demanding bass lines. 

The festival also presented some more modern, percussive music. Grimsley High School’s drumline performed, demonstrating the routine they go through in games and other performances. The combination of the coordinated movements and the in-sync beats left the crowd mesmerized at this section of Grimsley’s marching band. All in all, it was a great tribute to the local high schools and all of their musical talent.

Tate Street Festival also had a variety of vendors that ranged from food to collectible trinkets. The festival offered vendors such as a bookstore truck to vintage glassware from the depression era, which was an unexpected addition to the beautiful night on Tate Street. Of course, Tate Street’s iconic eats were available on the strip as well. This year, over sixty vendors were in attendance for the festival, some being annual visitors.

Tate Street Festival is a yearly event that is great fun and enjoyable for anyone willing to come down to Tate Street. Whether you are flying solo or coming with a group of friends, there was much to see and listen to on Tate Street during the festival, which provided a welcome reprieve from the every day hustle and bustle. Fellow Spartans, if you did not get to experience the Tate Street Festival this year, don’t miss the opportunity next year!

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