Trump’s Kurdish-Turkish Debacle

R.A Brock
Copy Editor/Staff Writer

PC: Engin Akyurt

On Oct. 6, President Donald Trump ordered the removal of U.S. assets in Syria ahead of what would become a series of attacks on Kurdish forces, who up until this point were our allies. Turkey told the U.S. that it would be rolling into Syria to attack members of the Kurdish Workers’ Party and YPK, two Kurdish parties that the Turkish government deems “terrorist organizations.”

The thing is, the Kurds are our allies. The U.S. government had supplied many Kurdish militias with weapons and equipment in order to fight against ISIL. Together, we pushed back ISIL forces and their numbers receded. Now, we were poised to leave our “allies” behind in order for Turkey to pile drive them into the ground, instead of protecting this group that has been our allies for years.

As soon as it was announced that the U.S. would be leaving and Turkey began to move in on PKK in Northern Syria, the bombardment and shelling of towns began. Currently, more than 160,000 Kurds have been displaced from their homes. 

Even though the Kurdish were our allies and fought a war for the U.S. against ISIL, the U.S. government has simply abandoned them. The U.S. government decided to leave 1000 troops there for an observation post to “monitor the situation” as the Turks invade Kurdish held areas. 

Essentially, the U.S government is watching and waiting. Trump has even claimed that he never gave Turkey the “green light” to go after YPG/PKK forces. Since Turkey has invaded Northern Syria, Trump wants to impose economic sanctions on Turkey. 

A tweet from President Trump on Oct. 7 says, “As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off-limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over…” 

This tweet shows the level that the President is willing to stoop to when he makes a mistake. He uses scapegoats, throws and takes away money, gives vague explanations, and repeats self-absorbed, volatile rhetoric as methods to cover up his transgressions and mistakes.

We elected a man who burns the bridges and relationships between our allies to make money or appeal to vested interests, much to the amusement of our competition, China and Russia. 

Due to the U.S. no longer backing YPG and PKK, who are collectively known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, they are forced to make a deal and hold peace talks with the Syrian Government, who is backed by Russia. Turkey and Syria are in cahoots with each other against the SDF because of the SDF longing to have territory to become its own independent state.

After the SDF helped liberate parts of Syria from ISIL, they control Northeastern Syria which is on the border of Turkey. These areas have Syrian oil prospects that are strategic to anyone that controls it. 

As remaining troops are leaving Syria, Kurdish citizens are pelting American troops with potatoes and shouting obscenities at them. Rightly so, as America has stabbed another ally in the back. This is the Kurdish train of thought and opinion of the U.S. now. It is shameful for us to be unable to keep our promises as “the greatest country in the world.”

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