RWBY Vol. 7 to Premier with Two More Volumes in the Future

Marlas Whitley
Staff Writer

PC: Marlas Whitley

‘RWBY’ is an American web-series created by the late Mounty Oum, and produced by Rooster Teeth productions; the same studio also known for the popular web-series ‘Red vs. Blue’.  RWBY has been running since 2013, and has spanned six volumes, with volume seven premiering soon.

The show follows Ruby Rose as she attends Beacon Academy, an elite school for training Huntsmen and Huntresses; guardians of the world of Remnant tasked with protecting against deadly monsters known as the Creatures of Grimm. Along with her half-sister, Yang Xiao Long, Ruby meets fellow classmates, Weiss Schnee, a dedicated student and heiress to a massive fortune, and Blake Belladonna, a mysterious rebel with a dark past. Together, they form RWBY, a team of future huntresses who face more than what they’d bargained for. 

‘RWBY’ was the brainchild of Mounty Oum, a self-taught animator and writer. Responsible for independently made video-series, such as ‘Haloid’ and ‘Dead Fantasy,’ Oum caught the attention of Rooster Teeth Productions. From then on, he made some custom animations for ‘Red vs. Blue, and created ‘RWBY’. His action-packed, anime-style series features elaborate fight sequences (-a major draw of the show), super-powered characters and a detailed plot that continues to unfold with many twists and turns. The show has developed a steady fan-base, many of whom are young women. Unfortunately, Oum passed away on February 7, 2015, after suffering a severe allergic reaction during a surgical procedure. Around that time, volume 3 of ‘RWBY’ was in production. The team has since stated that the show will continue with all of Oum’s ideas in mind. 

The trailer for RWBY volume 7 premiered at New York Comic-Con, on October 3. Rooster Teeth has also greenlit two more volumes to follow.  Through the years, the show’s animation style has changed, characters have grown and evolved and much more of their world has been explored. The show has seen much success since its initial airing, and has spawned a plethora of merchandise, DVDs, soundtrack and music recordings, an online co-op video game (‘RWBY: Grimm Eclipse’), a spin-off series (‘RWBY’ Chibi), and a print manga series, written by Shirow Mina and published in Ultra Jump Magazine; serialized volumes of the manga are also available. RWBY volume 7 premiers November 2, 2019 and is available on Rooster Teeth’s subscription service. RWBY is also streaming on, and, with new episodes premiering at a later date.

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