Rex Orange County: “Pony”

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

Rex Orange County has been on a steady rise to popularity within the alternative and indie music scene in the last few years. From his bluesy beats to his catchy lyrics, he is a favorite for the social media-based generation of today. With his latest release, “Pony”, Rex Orange County is entering a new chapter of his music career in the best way possible.

Rex Orange County is the solo music project of twenty-one year old English musician, Alexander O’Connor. The music project is a mix of indie pop and alternative hip hop sounds. His raw voice and clever lyrics set him apart from the rest of the up-and-coming artists on the indie scene. O’Connor has now released three albums under the stage name of Rex Orange County, including “Bcos U Will Never B Free”, “Apricot Princess”, and his most recent release “Pony”, along with a handful of singles, music videos, and features on songs alongside other artists such as Tyler, The Creator and Chance The Rapper.

“Pony” was released on October 25 2019 as Rex Orange County’s third studio album. “Pony” marks the musicians first release in almost three years since his sophomore album, “Apricot Princess”, that was released in 2017. The ten track album includes a range of genres while still staying true to the classic sound Rex Orange County has adopted. “Pony” is an exemplary piece for showcasing the talents of O’Connor. From his unique songwriting ability to playing various instruments and using his raw voice to tell a story, this album has it all. 

“Pony” includes such a wide range of musical dynamics. From synthetic pop to jazz to the typical indie hip hop sound that is most familiar to fans of Rex Orange County, O’Connor does an exceptional job using these influences to his benefit and showing off his range of musical versatility. From the start of the album listeners are immersed in thirty-four minutes worth of the ever changing world Rex Orange County has created with his musical abilities. Around every corner is something new and beautiful. You can never guess what’s coming next and none of the songs sound the same. There is never a dull or boring moment throughout the album. Every nook and cranny of each song is filled with different instrumentals and synthetics and other adds-in to make the album interesting and vibrant front to back. It is a piece of art you want to sit and absorb every moment of it through the first listen.

“Pony”’s most notable songs include “Laser Lights”, “Face to Face”, and “Pluto Projector”. These songs exemplify O’Connors ability to take various styles of music and out his own twist on them. Every song on this album is incredibly different in its own way. The use of different styles and genres helps create a different vibe every time the song changes. 

One of the best parts about this album is that there is a song for every mood. Need a sad song to cry to? This album has it. Need a chill song to study? Check. Want a catchy song you can sing in your car? Look no further. O’Connor has gone out of his way to make a superb album that has something everyone and every occasion. Rex Orange County is a true example of pure and raw artistry.

In all, “Pony” is an excellent album. The mixing of different genres does wonders for giving the album an amazing vibe and will leave you nothing less of satisfied in your musical cravings. O’Connors simple, bluesy voice and slight English accent enchant you as a listener and truly pull you into the picture he is painting with his words. Rex Orange County is an amazing musical project and this album truly exemplifies that. “Pony” is hands down O’Connor’s best release to date. Rex Orange County has set the bar high and set himself up for great expectations for future releases. Give this album a listen, I promise you’ll find something worth saving to your music library. 

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