Lil Uzi Retiring

Trent Ryden
Staff Writer

“It’s only my third day out here,” said Lil Uzi Vert in a video filmed by some kids on a school bus. Three days isn’t all that long, and you can only do so much in such a short period of time, as Uzi was implying.

 About two weeks ago, famed Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert went to social media to announce his retirement from music. The announcement came as a shock to many of his unsuspecting fans, many of whom were awaiting Uzi’s highly anticipated, yet to be released, album “Eternal Atake” having stated back in December that it was finished. 

Now, in January 2019 Uzi has deleted all of his music, or so he says. In his own words from the announcement that has since gone viral Uzi said “I wanna take the time out to say I thank each and every one of my supports, but I’m done with music. I deleted everything, I wanna be normal, I wanna wake up in 2013. Thank you, love you.” 

Often incorporating early 2000’s alternative rock melodies into his trap and bubblegum rap infused production, Uzi was a bit of a pioneer in rap music. His biggest influence and inspiration in music is hardcore metal rock artist Marilyn Manson, and it shows. From the forehead piercings to his affinity for leather jackets, and his fondness for all things of the goth aesthetic, Uzi has ripped a lot of Manson’s style. 

Uzi was also known for his ability to express the darker emotions of the human psyche. And was in this unique approach to making catchy earworms that made Uzi stand out from the rest.

 Much like his idol Manson, Uzi had a way of portraying these morbid feelings in his music. Most notably in one of his biggest songs “XO TOUR Llif3” where he sings the famous lines “all my friends are dead/push me to the edge/She said I’m insane yeah/ I might blow my brains out.” 

Another one of Uzi’s trademark features was his capacity to spit out rapidfire lyrics. There are many who attempt to imitate Uzi and his unorthodox combination of rock melodies, trap flow catchiness, boundless energy and an almost childlike enthusiasm, but there are none who do it as well as Uzi. 

There are several speculations as to why Uzi is retiring so suddenly. Many suggest that it might have to do with external pressures, from fan expectations to contract issues with his record label, Atlantic Records. He has also admitted in the past that he has struggled with drug addiction, most notably xanax which he said he would quit cold turkey following the death of fellow rapper Lil Peep in November of 2017. Many suspect that the pressures of fame have bothered Uzi significantly, since Uzi did state that he wanted “to wake up in 2013” a time in which Symere Woods was still Symere Woods and not the international rap star we know today as Lil Uzi Vert. 

Lil Uzi Vert’s contribution to modern day music is a significant one to say the least. Having worked with some of today’s biggest artists like Travis Scott, Pharell, The Weeknd and Future, Uzi has certainly left his mark on our generation’s culture through not just his musical footprint, but his insanely memeable lyrics, legendary stage dives such as the one he did at the rolling loud festival in Miami in May of 2017 and his off-kilter interviews such as the one where he talks about waking up and eating pop tarts on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. 

If it is true that Uzi is really retiring from music, then let it be said that he will be missed dearly. Lil Uzi Vert was a true artist. From his rap-goth approach to style and fashion, his high-energy performances and his encapsulating melodies, Uzi paved a trail of his own, leaving behind a legacy that many will cherish. Having done so much in his short three years of fame, Uzi has certainly left his mark, an undeniable one at that. Now a self-proclaimed retired artist, Uzi is off to better things, for himself at least. Now, free of expectation and pressure to deliver, Uzi might finally have the time to do what he wants. 

As Uzi said in one of his most famous songs:

“Boy I started on the bottom, made my way to the top/Boy I’m gon’ keep winning, no I cannot stop/’Member I had a little, turnt that shit to a lot/Always been one hundred, put that on my block/Used to want a 4 door, now I want that drop/Now I do what I want/now I do what I want.”

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