Rihanna Pushes Lawsuit Against Her Father

Kaitlyn Boeckel
Staff Writer

In an act bound to cause controversy, singer and businesswoman, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has sued her own father. The federal lawsuit alleges that Ronald Fenty and his partner have been profiting off of their shared last name, using the brand Rihanna has created. The singer launched a beauty and cosmetics company in 2017 named, “Fenty Beauty,” as well as other lingerie products with the same name. Her father also recently established “Fenty Entertainment” in 2017, which she wants no affiliation with. 

While initially puzzling, as they both share the surname, the name was first trademarked by Rihanna and Fenty Beauty. As early as 2012, the singer was establishing the name for her personal brand, as the suit lists. It states that while using the name for personal gain, they mislead the public and are taking advantage of unsuspecting third parties. 

The suit states that the pair misused her brand in various instances, making a profit off of the well-established reputation of Fenty and Rihanna herself. She has accused her father of acting as her agent, and promised more than fifteen shows and performances by the singer internationally and domestically. The profits they made added up to the millions, 

The singer has stated publicly that her relationship with her father has not been easy. Rihanna credits this to the abuse from Ronald towards her mother, as stated in an interview with Oprah. She positively credits his fatherhood skills, but could not ignore his actions toward her mother. 

The suit concludes with the statement that “He does not hold the right to use the Fenty mark to exploit the goodwill of her Fenty brands, or to solicit business on her behalf.” 

Damage amounts and attorney fees are yet to be determined on the documents, but they are included, estimates of up to seventy five million. This was not the first action taken against Mr. Fenty and his partner, as Rihanna and her brand have written several cease and desist letters.

All of this is in the midst of speculation that Rihanna will be starting her own luxury fashion brand. She was seen on January 15 sporting sunglasses with the Fenty name imprinted. This was the same day that the lawsuit was filed and made known to the public. This hypothetical new business line could have to do with the lawsuit, with the singer wanting to distance her name from the actions of her father. 

Rihanna and her lawyers have not yet made a statement on the case. 

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