Are New Year’s Resolutions More Hurtful than Helpful?

Kayla Bullock

Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again, where people make a list of things to change for the New Year. From losing weight to scoring a new job, the possibilities are endless. The New Year is supposed to bring new goals and experiences. Resolutions motivate people to change their lives for the better. But does making a list and checking it twice really help?

New Year’s resolutions are a tradition predominantly in the West. A person usually resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior so they can accomplish a personal goal or improve their life. And New Year’s resolutions have been around for thousands of years. Ancient Babylonians, Christians, and Romans held celebrations to bring in the New Year. During these celebrations, they would promise to pay off any debt they had or return anything they borrowed. Based on the definition, this seems like a relatively positive thing. The whole point of a resolution is to improve oneself so you can benefit in the end. It’s positive because it motivates people to change their quality of life. Goals range from strengthening personal relationships to increasing one’s financial stability by saving money. However, it’s important to come up with New Year’s resolutions that suit one’s life the best. 

People shouldn’t compare their goals to the ones they see on the internet or from other people because we are all such different individuals. For example, a blogger on suggested that people set smaller goals instead of bigger goals. She claims that some big goals are not reasonably achievable. Setting big goals is not unreasonable because life works in mysterious ways. If someone wants to make $100,000 in 2020, it’s certainly possible but not always realistic for everyone. This is not lowering the bar, but setting goals to fit your lifestyle. Don’t focus on what others are doing; comparing can often lead to doubt. I encourage people not to be swayed by others, which is often a difficult task in an age where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media.

In my honest opinion, I do think New Year’s resolutions are helpful. Resolutions can help people improve from the previous year and set up new goals to achieve. I believe everyone should have resolutions for the New Year because they can be extremely motivational. It’s important to focus on what you want to get accomplished and not what everyone else is doing. Make sure you take the proper measures to work on your own individual goals. 

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