The Growth of Club Baseball: An Interview With President Jack Poirier

Chelsea McBay 
Staff Writer

Club sports are very prevalent at UNCG. From football to rugby, and even volleyball; there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Today, however, we are headed to the diamond with Jack Poirier to get the inside scoop on Club Baseball.

The club has been around since February of 2019. However, it was a year prior that Jack had begun thinking about the need for a club team. Poirier knew that if he “wanted there to be a club baseball team, I would need to take the initiative and create it myself.” So, that’s exactly what he did.

 Founding the club was just the beginning. When asked about how he and his people planned to grow the club, Poirier talked about the techniques they use to recruit, including but not limited to “flyers all over campus, an ad on the Kaplan TV’s, tabling, and being active amongst the UNCG community on our club baseball Instagram account.” Slowly but surely, these tactics get the word out. 

Building a program can be difficult. While advertising is essential, ultimately the best way to recruit is by word of mouth. They “recruit consistently within our target market, have set a strong culture for the team that facilitates progress, [and have] structured practices and quality coaching.” Poirier said. They have everything they need to grow an already prospering program.

Like any club sport at UNCG, there are some requirements in order to join. First, you have to be a “UNCG fee-paying student.” Paired with that, “players are required to sign a contract which outlines mutual expectations between the organization and its members.” Poirier said. If someone joins the club, they should expect to be held to high standards and to perform and be a team player to the best of their ability.

As for baseball club expenses, this semester they came out to $150 per person. There is quite a bit included in this fee, including proper clothing and “the opportunity to play baseball in the club collegiate division of CCPAB.” Poirier said.

As for what CCPAB is, it stands for the Carolina Collegiate, Prep, and Adult Baseball. It is an organized baseball league with solid competition across the board and prices more affordable than any other league of its caliber,” according to Poirier. It is an honor to be able to be included in such a program, as it has “provided us with a great opportunity to play in an established league that continues to grow as we build our program.” They get to compete against other teams within the league, among other perks such as CCPAB’s sponsors and “discounted baseball gear from Akadema Sports” Poirier said.

Poirier is the director of the club collegiate division of CCPAB, which means he is “the primary contact for all of our managers and players for standard information.” He is a big part of recruiting and also does a lot of data entry in order to “reach out to as many individuals as possible so we can reach our sales goals” Poirier said.

You may have seen the club baseball team practicing on occasion. Poirier informed me that they “practice at the UNCG North field Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm.” As for when they play games in the area, they will utilize a variety of fields, including Ed Price Field, King Field, Beddington High School, and Oak Ridge Military Academy. 

Their coach, Omar Wright, is someone who Poirier really looks up to. Poirier told me that he is “the CEO of CCPAB and has given us the great opportunity to be a part of CCPAB and he has added great value to our organization by being a knowledgeable and dedicated coach.” Wright has truly springboarded this program to places they had never been before, and he is a true force in the club’s increased popularity.

Club baseball is a great activity that is happening on campus. If you are interested in either getting more information or potentially joining the club, you can email Poirier at Include your year in school and your baseball background and Poirier will promptly get back to you with the proper information.

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