A Living Nightmare: Bad Roommate Situations

Kayla Bullock
Staff Writer

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone always talks about the “college experience.” This usually entails partying every weekend, meeting new people and creating unforgettable memories. Seriously, what could go wrong when you’re attending the school of your dreams and hanging out with your friends every day of the week? Well, when you’re living with a quite difficult roommate, the college experience goes down the drain. While it can be stressful dealing with a horrible roommate, there are ways to solve the issue. 

Living with a bad roommate can affect you in all areas of your life. Sometimes students find their grades suffering from living conditions or a change in their own behavior. Students may have more daily stress or be affected emotionally.

According to research by George Mason University, “difficulties with roommates were among the greatest disappointments of the first year and had a negative impact on students’ overall satisfaction.” This is definitely due to the students entering college with high expectations of the “college experience.” The study shows students’ stress levels elevated when dealing with frequent conflict with their roommate. When dealing with an annoyance, it can be quite difficult to focus on important things such as grades. Undergraduate students reported that roommate difficulties interfered with their academic performance. Students may find themselves spending more time trying to figure out how to deal with their roommate. Most students don’t know how to handle a bad roommate. Defining what a bad roommate is can help students tackle the issue.

A bad roommate is someone who does not have the respect or understanding of the shared space. This roommate may be untidy, disrespectful, loud and much more. How can you possibly deal with someone who behaves like this on a daily basis?

Firstly, communication is definitely key in these situations. When you leave a situation unaddressed, it can quickly worsen. Secondly, setting up rules and regulations is helpful. By doing this, you already have boundaries set up between you and your roommate. Lastly, if the situation is out of your hands, discuss the issue with a third party. Many college campuses have residential advisors who live in the dorms. While this may be a stressful situation, it’s important to solve it as early as possible. 

I believe that students should set boundaries with their roommates before moving in. By having the rules and regulations of the dorm room, it will halt any problems in the future. Also, it might help to know your roommate before you move in. Hanging out with your roommate can help both parties feel a sort of comfortability. Not everyone is raised the same way; you both can teach each other different life lessons. Either way, many colleges allow you to choose your roommate instead of a random selection. A random selection is not always bad and you may end up living with your friend for life. While college is schoolwork and grades, you can always meet some lifelong friends here.

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