UNCG College Panhellenic Council and the InterFraternity Council Complete 2020 Recruitment

Peyton Upchurch
Staff Writer

PC: Riley Lopez

As of February 1, UNC-Greensboro’s (UNCG) College Panhellenic Council (CPC) and the InterFraternity Council (IFC) have completed their 2020 formal recruitment seasons, wrapping up months of behind-the-scenes work and preparation. Both councils conducted several days worth of events intended to introduce the members of each organization to potential new members. 

College Panhellenic Council sororities include Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, and Sigma Sigma Sigma; formal recruitment for these groups began on Wednesday, Jan. 22 with ‘Sorority 101,’ followed by sisterhood, philanthropy and preference rounds. ‘Pi Chis’ formed a group of women hailing from each of the four CPC sororities and served as recruitment counselors for potential new members. Pi Chis elected to disaffiliate from their own organizations for the duration of the recruitment season in order to provide an unbiased support system and assist potential new members in making their selections during formal recruitment week. The process wrapped up with Bid Day on Sunday, Jan. 26 in UNCG’s Kaplan Center for Wellness. Pi Chis were able to return home to their respective organizations and new members were able to ‘run home’ to their newfound sisterhoods. 

Freshman Abby Huddle, who joined Alpha Delta Pi on Jan. 26, shared her experience from the prospective new member side of panhellenic recruitment. “I joined ADPi because I wanted to find a home away from home. Being an out-of-state student, I really wanted to find the right sisterhood and family, and that was exactly what I found when I went through recruitment,” said Huddle. “I couldn’t be happier to call ADPi home.”

UNC Greensboro’s InterFraternity Council is made up of Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Theta Delta Chi. IFC recruitment followed a slightly different process than CPC recruitment and welcomed interested young men to their week of events, intending to introduce members of the five IFC fraternities to potential new brothers. These events began on Monday, Jan. 27 with two nights of presentations, a kickback night and an invitation night. It finished with Bid Day on Feb. 1, which was held on the Quad Lawn. New members of each organization entered the Quad through the Shaw Hall passageway, welcomed by their new brotherhoods. 

“Recruitment was an amazing experience; it really brings you closer to people you didn’t know well at the beginning of the process. Once you receive your bid and look around you, you see the people who are going to be your brothers, and there’s this excitement and joy over the prospect of becoming a part of something that aligns with your core values,” said Quentin Merritt, new associate member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. “Choosing to rush Pi Kappa Phi has probably been one of the most impactful decisions of my college career, and I’m so excited for the future.”

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