Growth in the New Year: Cutting Off Dead Ends

Ma’Kayla Hunter
Staff Writer

As the second month of the New Year is coming to an end, it highlights the perfect time to reflect on our New Year’s resolutions. Just as easy as it was to create these resolutions now resembles how easily they can be forgotten. In the tradition of beginning a new year, millions of people create these standards they hope to meet throughout the new year. However, most people tend to fall short because of their lack of commitment. It becomes easier to fall into habits instead of addressing the issues that they may cause. One area that many people struggle with when making resolutions is handling their relationships. Some people make the commitment of tolerating less and ending relationships whenever they become uncomfortable. However, following through with these goals are much harder than writing them down.

Because of the boost that the New Year gives individuals, it almost allows people to think more clearly. Noting the importance of time, people are more eager to create solutions to their problems that have been causing issues. Though it is more cliche, some people purposely wait until the New Year to finally give themselves a startline for implementing change. However, as the year begins, old habits continue to occur instead of decreasing. In the terms of relationships, this often includes continuing communication with an undesired person, making continued sacrifices that hurt your personal self for others benefit and even putting yourself in predicaments that you were trying to avoid. 

It is never too late to implement the best practices for yourself. Waiting or becoming discouraged because you haven’t been loyal to your New Year’s resolution is no reason to hinder yourself from making a change now. Within relationships, they only continue to take a toll when you give in and indulge in such acts. Therefore, cutting toxic people off completely is one of the best ways to make these transitions into leaving people out of your life who don’t deserve to be in it. Think of it as ripping the waxing strip off instead of doing it slowly to increase your comfort. Most of the time, things that have an impactful difference will never be comforting or easy to complete. Applying this advice to your relationships will present an individual a fresh start into spring, allowing for new possibilities and opportunities to bloom. 

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