P.S. I Still Love You: A Valentine’s Teen RomCom

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

On February 12th, 2020, Netflix released the long awaited sequel to its popular teen romance comedy, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.”  “P.S. I Still Love You” is loaded with all the cheesy romcom goodness and was dropped just in time for Valentine’s Day. The film is an extension of the nostalgic yet slightly suspenseful-in the only way rom coms can be-story that gained the first film so much recognition.

The original film was released in 2018 and has gained a large amount of popularity among the teen-based social media world. Both films are based off of teen novels by author Jenny Han. The sequel features all of the favorites from the first: Lana Condor as Lara Jean, Noah Centineo as Peter, Anna Cathcart as Kitty, and a new edition to the cast, Jordan Fish as John Ambrose.

“P.S. I Still Love You” follows the relationship of Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, who began dating in the preceding movie after letters Lara Jean wrote to all her childhood crushes were mysteriously mailed out. In the sequel, we also meet John Ambrose McClaren, another recipient of Lara Jean’s letters.

Throughout the movie, Lara Jean battles with her feelings for both Peter and John Ambrose in a bright and whimsical, nostalgia-filled tale. The movie touches on the years-old struggles of crushes, teenage heartbreak, and the dreaded high school Valentine’s Day. On top of this, the film features some incredibly relatable high school moments. From required volunteer work to hoping to get sent a flower gram on Valentine’s Day, this truly feels like the real high school experience.

The hour and twenty-four minute film keeps you wondering what will happen and who Lara Jean picks, a teenage romance mystery that will leave you smiling at the cheesy humor and overall cuteness. The film is funny and still pulls at your heartstrings.

In short, this film is the epitome of teenage romance comedies. The perfect amount of visual aesthetic, cheesy jokes, and nostalgia. “P.S. I Still Love You” really lives up to the two years worth of hype.

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