UNCG holding TEDx talks in March

Peyton Upchurch
Staff Writer

UNC-Greensboro (UNCG) is holding its annual TEDxUNCG event on Wed., March 18, giving students, faculty and staff the opportunity to speak on ideas that matter to them. 

A spinoff of the well-known and ongoing TEDtalks series, TEDx events are locally and independently organized and operated; participants utilize a series of guidelines provided by the TED Conference organization to build each event and draw members of the community to come and speak about their passions. 

TEDxUNCG is sponsored by multiple offices on campus, including the Lloyd International Honors College, Keker Common Experience, University Communications Office, Department of Media Studies, Career and Professional Development Office and Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement. While the annual TED Conference is held each spring in Vancouver, British Columbia, TEDx events can take place throughout the year. UNCG held its first TEDx event in April 2019. The theme of the event was IMPACT, and this year’s theme is EMPOWER. 

According to UNCG’s TEDxUNCG webpage, the theme is intended to communicate the university’s belief in “empowering our students, faculty, staff and alumni to EMPOWER themselves and others in various ways…the way we see Spartans empowering the community is by UNDOing previous actions, measures, or ways of thinking and doing..this may be UNDOing historical, scientific, social, and other standards in order to EMPOWER future generations.”

UNCG also stated that “TEDxUNCGreensboro 2020, we want the UNCG community to share what EMPOWER means to them, and how their ideas might ‘UNDO’ something in order to empower something/someone else. What will you UNDO?”

UNCG students are getting especially involved in this year’s TEDx event, and showcased what they would UNDO. Giovanna Kast, a junior Communication Studies major, is giving her own TEDtalk this year, and shared a bit about what drew her to the experience. 

“The reason that I applied for TEDxUNCG is that when I was shown my first TEDtalk in highschool, I knew that it was something I wanted to do, and [giving my own TEDtalk] has been a dream of mine ever since.”

Kast also added that she feels “honored” that she is able to share her passion and experiences with her peers. 

“I am honored that my topic, which is the empowerment people find in practicing witchcraft, was accepted,” said Kast. “I was so excited to watch and listen to my fellow speakers, learn from them and watch each other succeed.”

Overall, the event is likely to draw a crowd, and will feature speakers from undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty and staff backgrounds, all of whom represent the values of the UNCG community through the talks they will share with their audience.

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