Netflix’s Gentefied is an Uplifting Gem

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

Netflix is known for putting out some of the best and most talked about originals of any platform. From big titles,  like Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, and 13 Reasons Why  to more niche series,  such as Cheer, Big Mouth, and The Great British Baking Show, Netflix is always putting out the next big thing. The streaming platform’s latest release lives up to all of the expectations of a Netflix Original series.

Gentefied was released February 21, 2020 to the streaming platform. The eight episode comedy-slash-drama stars Joaquín Cosío, J.J. Soria, Karrie Martin, and Carlos Santos. Although lesser known actors, they all embody their characters beautifully and put on in an amazing performance. Following suit with the now three season Netflix original On My Block, the show deals with real life issues and centers itself on being a person of color in America.

Gentefied follows Morales’ family following all their own versions of the “American Dream”. Three cousins, Erik, Ana, and Chris, all have different goals and lead different lives but unite in order to save their grandfather’s taco shop. The show deals with topics such as family, heritage, ethnicity, racism, and, you guessed it, gentrification. The show is incredibly beautiful, heartwarming, and devastating at the same time. The sense of family that’s developed throughout the show has you wanting more. And like most shows, it’s never quite long enough and leaves you on a cliffhanger.    In short, Gentefied is definitely one of Netflix’s finest works of art. It will make you live, cry, and appreciate your family just a tiny bit more. In the midst of all the corona chaos, binge Gentefied to lift your spirits, if only for a few hours.

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