Benefits of Nonprofits: Supporting Those Who Help Communities

Ma’Kayla Hunter

Staff Writer

As the pandemic has continued, the importance of businesses have been placed under a microscope. With all of these entities attempting to continue as normal, the need for finances have become a pressing issue. The issue now is the fact that the government is being relied on from various angles to provide financial help that many families, schools and businesses need. There are different approaches that the government takes that aren’t always favorable to the individuals within the United States. Regardless of this discrepancy, there are alternative options that allow for progress and assistance in areas to occur if individuals are willing to contribute. 

Governmental functions and programs haven’t been as efficient as they could be when the virus hurt jobs and businesses. This state has caused individuals to seek assistance through others. It has also created better methods to handle issues. One way that has been helpful to directly benefiting individuals are the use of Nonprofits and their efforts. Though Nonprofits are forms of business, they have different objectives and functions than private businesses such as Amazon or McDonald’s. For example, a Nonprofits purpose is to cater to a need in a specific community and benefit those individuals through different measures with a top focus. However, businesses such as McDonald’s have their initiatives set around making a profit through a need, not solely for the benefit of the community. They are able to make decisions based on their own interests while Nonprofits have to make decisions based on the benefit of the communities they are assisting. 

Because of the goals that Nonprofits have, they have been able to play major roles in helping those in need. Examples such as soup kitchens and homeless shelters, are examples of these institutions that function to help instead of steadily increase profits. Therefore, most of their income comes from the help of the government and donations that are given to the establishment. Many Nonprofits fail because of lack of funding. Funding has become slimmer than ever, especially since the pandemic started. This puts higher stakes on how helpful these entities can be with the communities they protect. 

Therefore, when these funding and resources are decreased, organizations become less efficient. It is a clear time for people to step in and help where they can. With the excess free time that this pandemic has brought, Nonprofits can definitely benefit from additional volunteer hands that are willing to help. Though financial donations are important, there are other ways to help such as volunteering and helping to fundraise for a cause that you connect to. In order for there to be sustainable change, additional efforts will be needed to assist these nonprofits and ensure these benefits for communities that are fulfilling their needs.

Just by dedicating a few hours working with a nonprofit, you could benefit them in ways that you would never fully understand. Nonprofit organizations are available because of the work they do when communities have been underserved. Communities need this additional assistance in areas where resources are being spread thin and in need of replenishing. Supporting Nonprofits should be celebrated because of the direct good and impact these establishments have without the greed of overcompensation.

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