MFA Thesis Readings Bring Hope During COVID-19 Pandemic

Victoria Cox

Staff Writer

As COVID-19 continues to rage on, everyone at UNCG has had to adapt to the constant changes that the pandemic has brought. From online, hybrid, and some in-person classes, the Creative Writing MFA program has found a way to persevere. Normally, readings would be held at Scuppernong Books, but with the pandemic this has changed. This has been a challenging year, but the readings have not stopped. 

This semester, virtual learning has occurred, but there have also been virtual readings. The readings of written work date back to ancient times, and they continue on today. The Creative Writing MFA program at UNCG is no exception. 

With in-person readings being undoable this year due to social distancing and limited indoor gatherings, the virtual environment of Zoom has brought to the program more connectivity with authors from around the world, as well as more of a spotlight to our thesis readings and first-year MFA students. 

Some technical difficulties are common and happen to everyone in this ever-changing online environment we are adapting to. However, with the help of those like Dr. Michael Frierson and MFA Candidate Michael Springer, the MFA Program has persevered and continues to put on high-quality readings for their students who have worked so hard.

PC: Unsplash

The advantages of having virtual readings for our first year and thesis readers alike, along with our visiting writers series, have led to a great outpour from the literary community and the greater Greensboro community. 

With family members living farther away in other states, many do not get to attend the thesis readings of soon-to-be graduate students. The virtual format of these readings has given them a special opportunity to see their children grow as writers and see how their work has changed over the years. 

All of this could not be done without the hard work and dedication of our MFA students in the Creative Writing Program. Through the challenging times of 2020-2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic, these students have made great strides in challenging the diverse and complicated nature of internet thesis readings and the isolation of writing. 

These students have definitely proven how UNCG has helped them “Find their Story Here” and created work that will last a lifetime full of memories for them through some of the most challenging times we have seen in over a century.

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