How Does Shonda Rhimes Maintain Hollywood and Motherhood?

Alexis Boone

Staff Writer

Shonda Rhimes has been a significant power in TV for more than 10 years. Her first show for ABC, “Grey’s Anatomy,” aired in March 2005 as a mid-season substitution. It became one of the most-watched shows on TV and has recently started its seventeenth season. Rhimes proceeded to make a plethora of hits such as “Private Practice,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” In August 2017, Netflix reported a select multi-year improvement to manage Rhimes, under which every bit of her future creations will be Netflix Originals.

Business Insider sat down with Rhimes to talk about the eventual fate of her career, being a working mother, and the short film “Meet Diana,” a collaboration with the brand Dove. “Meet Diana,” recounts the account of Diana Wright, an educator and mother of two, who lost a leg in an accident. In their interview, Rhimes discussed diversity— a word she says she abhors — in media, how it is changing, and how it can continue to develop and address everybody in a genuine manner. For this to occur, Rhimes says that diversity begins in the room. What is more, even though she hears individuals in the business say they are elusive ladies, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ individuals who compose for TV, they are not.

Rhimes also discussed how there is no balance between working hard and motherhood. She has three daughters: Emerson Pearl Rhimes, Harper Rhimes, and Beckett Rhimes.  She clarifies that she cannot be there for her children as much as she would like, and that has been incredibly hard. That is considered parenthood. If you are a working mother, you are frequently not there however much you’d prefer to be. 

She once said that assuming she is feeling the loss of her little girls while on set observing a scene is reasonable. Or if she is at her girl’s dance presentation, at that point she will miss Sandra Oh’s scene being shot on “Grey’s Anatomy.” That’s what occurs. Those are the compromises. You need to settle on a choice that you will miss certain things. Rhimes consistently said if she is triumphant at a certain something, she is failing at another. Also, many individuals say, “failure?” And she says, “yes!” Rhimes like to consider it a failure since it improves her vibe.Rimes is incredibly talented in so many ways. She is very powerful in television today, while also raising three daughters. Even though her career can take up most of her time she knew exactly what that meant: failing in other areas of her life. She is not afraid to tell the truth and does not act as though everything is perfect. Rhimes does everything she can to help others out and help them realize that life is not a fairytale. These are the reasons Rhimes is successful at what she does

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