Movies to Watch This Halloween Season

Maggie Collins

Staff Writer

As we get closer to Halloween, you may be wanting to celebrate with some scary movies or something Halloween-themed. However, you may always run into the problems: “I don’t know what to watch” or “I want something new that I haven’t seen before”. This is where this article should come in handy. This spooky season there have been many movies released and even some movie remakes of older classics. 

For those that love a good classic, but still want something new, there is “Candyman” which was released in August and is available in theaters, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and VUDU. Almost everyone has heard about “Candyman”, and this new twist gives us a different look into the story. It focuses on the past after the Cabrini towers were torn down when Anthony moves into the new Cabrini. Here he hears about the legends and stories behind Candyman and tries to figure it all out for himself. This ends up leading him down a dark and mysterious path. 

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Another twist on a Halloween classic is “Halloween Kills” which is only available in theaters and on Peacock right now. You will watch Michael escape from a fire in Laurie’s basement that he was supposed to die in. Once he is free he continues on with his bloodbath. When Laurie hears about this she begins to prepare and gets the community to go against him and end this once and for all. While this is a twist on a classic Halloween movie, it is still filled with all the horror and thrill you want for this season.

Next, is a movie called “Malignant”, while this movie is less of a horror movie it is definitely a thriller. I personally saw this movie and the ending was worth the watch for me. The plot contains a lady who starts to have nightmares of gruesome murders and eventually finds out they are real. As she navigates through this surrounded by people who try to assist her along the way, you get stuck in a plot twist that will take you by surprise. This movie is available on Sling TV, Vudu, and AppleTv. It is still in the pre-order stage but is expected to be released in the next couple of days. 

Then we have a  trilogy of “Fear Street”. They are only available for viewing on Netflix. In part 1, a teen and her friends living in Shadyside are forced to fight against an evil that is killing in their town. In the 2nd part, we go to a camp called Camp Nightwing that becomes fearful of a killer making for a gruesome summer. Lastly, in part 3, we watch the friends in Shadyside fight for their lives and the future of the town by going back to where it all started in 1666.

For those who aren’t into thriller or horror movies but still want to celebrate Halloween there is the movie “The Addams Family 2”. This is an animated comedy version of the family everyone has heard about. Morticia and Gomez are devastated because their kids are growing up and want to do fewer things with their family. They come up with a solution which is to take a family vacation. As they take their vacation across America they have a lot to encounter and a lot goes wrong. This movie is available to watch in theaters, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, and iTunes.

As the year comes to an end in only a few months this is a great time to catch up on all the scary movies for Halloween. It is a time to gather with your family or friends so that you have someone to hold onto when you get scared. On the other hand, you can have others to laugh with while watching something like the Addams Family movie. Whatever your taste is for this Halloween season, it has finally come upon us and movies are a great way to celebrate it. 

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