“Love Hard”: Netflix’s New Christmas Romance

Maggie Collins

Staff Writer

Earlier this month Netflix released the movie “Love Hard” just in time for the upcoming holiday season. This film is perfect for those who love a good holiday romance. It features Nina Dobrev (from “Vampire Diaries”) as the main character, Natalie, who is a Los Angeles writer looking for love on a dating app.

Natalie has matched with many men while on the dating app but never seems to find men that she actually wants to date.  While these disastrous dates never lead her to her true love, she does write all of her articles for her job about each date. In fact, her boss counts on her to have a date-gone-wrong and then write an article about it the next day. He sees her as nothing more than the girl who can’t find love, and everyone seems to love reading about her constant struggle for a good date. 

PC: Incluvie

When Natalie’s coworker and friend broadens the distance range on Natalie’s dating profile, Natalie is matched with a guy from New York named Josh. Natalie and Josh quickly make a connection after just a few conversations. One message turns into hour-long calls every day and to falling asleep while talking on the phone. They make such a connection that she decides to fly across the country to see him on Christmas, but once she gets to the house she discovers that Josh isn’t exactly who he said he was. Josh had used false pictures just to match with someone, but he never imagined Natalie would see him in real life— much less fly across the country as a surprise.

After a night in the town, Natalie discovers that the pictures Josh used in his dating profile are those of a local man named Tag. She decides that this is her time to go after what she wants and get the guy she has been looking for. Josh agrees to help Natalie get the real guy in the photos, Tag, as long as she pretends to be his (Josh’s) girlfriend until Christmas to impress his parents. 

She meets Josh’s family who find Josh’s new relationship to be fascinating. Then, to put the cherry on top, the attention-seeking brother comes home—the one everyone dislikes—with his all-too-perfect girlfriend. This adds many conflicts of its own into the mix with this whole relationship catastrophe. 

As time goes on Natalie starts to discover more of herself and what she is actually looking for in a guy. There are some unlikely turns, or you could say likely, and true love finds itself somewhere it did not expect.

To not spoil the movie, I will have to stop there. While I had expectations for this movie to be another classic Hallmark romance movie, I ended up actually enjoying it. It was a perfect movie to turn off your brain and enjoy, especially to start celebrating the holidays coming up soon!

“Love Hard” is not only a romance story that seems to work out for the hopeless girl in search of love but there are many parts in the movie that will make you laugh and smile. I would recommend this movie to anyone just looking to rest and watch something lighthearted and fun. It is a great way to take a break and forget about all that homework and assignments due. It will make you laugh and help get you in the holiday spirit because Christmas is on the way!

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