UNCG Student Resources…Let’s Talk About It

Brianna Martinez

Editor, News

UNC Greensboro has many resources on campus to help make students feel supported and guide them through their journey at UNCG.  As students, being aware of the ways in which UNCG is there to help and support you is very important. Especially through these difficult times, working as a community is the best option, for both faculty and students. 


Here are a few student resources that help students who maybe just need some support or help with any issues they feel they need advice from a professional at UNCG. Being able to just acknowledge and know that there are people and places around students at UNCG that support student life, both in and outside of the university, is very important and essential for the success of students through their time at school. Listed will be some of the resources for UNCG students to be able to get familiar with and get to know a little bit more about. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to hear about resources and outside outreach because it can be a bit nerve wracking, but rest assured UNCG has students covered with all that they can do to better ease students at UNCG, and just ultimately make them feel supported and enjoy their time. 

Here are some resources below: 

  • The Dean of Students Office
  •  UNCG Recreation and Wellness Center
  • UNCG Starfish 
  • UNCG Advising Office
  • Student Health Services
  • Counseling Center 
  • Spartan Recovery Program 

For More information on UNCG Resources visit https://studentsfirst.uncg.edu/resources/

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