Is Love Blind? A Netflix Series 

Maggie Collins

Staff Writer

Last year, a series called “Love is Blind” was released on Netflix and became a big hit almost immediately. This reality show features a love experiment attempting to answer the question: Is love truly blind or do we let physical appearance determine who we love? In the show, thirty men and women have ten days to talk to one another in rooms called “pods.” They each get a notebook to keep notes about the people they meet and connect with. Their phones are also taken away so that they have no distractions from the real world. 

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While in these pods they are in a room by themselves, which is connected to another room but has a thin wall separating them, so they can hear each other but not see each other. This gives each person the opportunity to ask questions about the other and get to know who they truly are before seeing their physical appearance. They ask questions about things like their life story, what they care most about, and what they want in a partner. However, some people have proven to forget the purpose of the experiment and ask questions like “Would I be able to pick you up and put you on my shoulders?” Questions like these purposefully override the “blind” part of the experiment, ignoring the main point of the show. 

Our society has become very centered around looks, and we often base dating on physical appearance, so it is interesting to see how people date without ever seeing each other. On the show, you often hear sentiments like, “If I happened to run into this person in the real world, I would not approach them if I was looking for a romantic relationship.” Once two people believe that they have found the right person, they then propose to the other without ever seeing how they look. If the person says “yes” to the proposal, they get to see each other the next day. After ten days are up, all the couples that have made it through the experiment go on a romantic getaway to Cancun, Mexico. At this point, they have four weeks until their wedding. 

In Mexico, they not only spend time with their fiancé but they also get to meet the other couples from the experiment. This is when a lot of the drama starts between the couples. They are now seeing people that they possibly had a connection with but didn’t end up with. A lot of jealousy and real-world problems start to set in. However, it does not stop there. They are then sent back toChicago to a new apartment for the both of them to live in (if they make it to this point). As well as living in their new apartment, they get to meet each other’s parents. This is also a very drama-filled part of the show. Parents are normally confused and shocked when their child comes home after a little over ten days saying “I’m engaged!”

These couples have to navigate their way through life situations together. They are no longer in a pod just talking or on a romantic getaway— they are back to their normal lives working and cooking every day. Living with someone else can be hard on its own, but with a person you have only known for a couple of weeks and are engaged to? Yikes! 

The first five episodes of season 2 of “Love is Blind” were released on February 11th, ending with the couples moving into an apartment together. Episodes 6-9 were then released on Friday, February 18th, but you will have to wait until the 25th for the finale. This show is an intriguing experiment to see how people can fall in love without ever seeing each other. You follow the couple from the moment they start talking to the moment they say “I do” or “I don’t” at the altar. I recommend this show for anyone who is interested in the process of blind love mixed with a bit of drama. 

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