UNCG Lifts Mandatory Mask Mandate

Brianna Martinez

Editor, News

Beginning March 1st 2022, UNCG sent out a message to all UNCG faculty and students about recent updates on COVID-19 protocols. The decline of COVID-19 cases on campus and within the Greensboro community led to the mask mandate being lifted on the University campus. With orders from the UNC system office, guidance from the Governor, CDC, and NC Department of health and Human Services, face coverings have become optional which began on March 7th, 2022. The only places on campus where it is required to wear masks are the following areas: 

  • Student health services and health care clinics 
  • University transportation 

As the mandatory mask mandate is lifted on UNCG’s campus, so is the mandatory COVID-19 testing. However, voluntary testing on campus will still continue throughout the whole spring semester. Now that campus life is starting to improve, it is still important to make sure that everyone still takes health precautions and takes care of themselves as best as possible, remains vigilant, and is mindful of also protecting not only themselves but the community around them as well.

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