Superhero Fans Go “Kapow! Bam! Smash!” For “The Boys” Season 3 Trailer

Kevin Six

Staff Writer

The new trailer for Season 3 of “The Boys” has been released and it is exciting for both superhero fans and cynics alike. The trailer, which dropped on March 12th, has given us a glimpse into what we will be seeing in the new season, and there is no doubt that not only will the show continue its beloved raunchiness and brutal honesty but also soar even further than before. The comic book series on which the show is based allows us to piece together some of what we can expect, but what we see portrayed will no doubt leave us shook as it always has. Spoiler Alert ahead for “The Boys” trailer and its comic books.

 The gritty superhero satire has gladly ruined our childhood fantasies of being Superman and we are living for it. Since its inception, the show has asked the question “What would it be like if superheroes actually existed?” It has now become famous for giving us brutally honest and bloody answers. One of the flaws of the superhero figure that “The Boys” calls out is what a person would be if they had all that power inside of them. Of course, as the show portrays, if someone had that much power they would most likely become sociopathic with little regard for the citizens as they would see themselves as gods above us mere mortals. The show does, however, do a great job at giving us complex characters, who genuinely want to do good but also fall to the dark side of unlimited power. “The Boys” challenges the blatantly good vs. evil trope that’s been overdone in TV and film, especially for superheroes.

The next key aspect that is shown is whether the superheroes are good, bad, or both. They’re all put through the wringer of shameless capitalism: the result of the natural fame that came with their powers. We see their brand being marketed for products and also see them starring in movies playing themselves. This aspect of the storyline is a commentary on our celebrity-obsessed culture and corporate appropriation.

The trailer opens up to Billy Butcher, leader of an underground group that fights superhero corruption, looking intently in the mirror as his eyes suddenly glow bright with the familiar laser power. This rings true to the comics, as in them Butcher takes a serum in order to gain superpowers himself and level the playing field. This will be a dramatic turn to the man who hates superheroes as he was already more than deadly without powers of his own. With his newfound abilities, however, we are in for quite a treat.

 Other images in the trailer include faces and entire bodies being exploited, arms being broken, and sexually-explicit scenes. The showrunners have stated since the end of season 2 that this new season will be even gorier than before. As the show has never shied away from bloody violence in the past, there is no doubt that fans are in for a delightfully savage viewing.

In addition to the promise of more gore, the showrunners have confirmed the inclusion of “Herogasm,” which is from the original comics that follows the events of a raunchy party for superheroes with much mischief taking place behind the scenes. All things considered for what we know for the season ahead, we may see enough gore to have the makers of “American Horror Story” hiding under their covers as well as enough violence and explicit content to make the creators of “Game of Thrones” blush. There is much to look forward to with Season 3 set to be released on Amazon Prime Video on June 3rd.

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