The Dark Knight Will Return, Rise, Begin, and Triumph with “The Batman”

Kevin Six

Staff Writer

This new embodiment of all that we love about Batman has audiences shook. The film is a smash at the movie theaters with the iconic new incarnation of Batman being played by heart-throb and recovering vampire actor Robert Pattinson. The new movie goes back to the roots of Batman with a purely dark, gritty, and serious nature.

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Throughout the history of the Batman character, since his inception in the 1930s, he has been displayed in a variety of tones. Starting out as dark and brooding in the comics, we were later treated to the delightfully campy show in the 1960s when he was played by the late, incomparable star Adam West. This portrayal may have been a change from the gloom and grittiness, but it didn’t cease to entertain audiences and was a fun time to watch and reenact in our pajamas. This contest of strength between campy and serious continued on into the 1990s when we were given the almost bonkers level of over the top humor in “Batman and Robin” starring George Clooney, which has since become a “so bad, it’s good” movie in film history. In recent history, we are back to the dark and brooding with “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Justice League,” preferably the Zack Snyder cut.

Since the trailer for the new “The Batman” came out, there was certainly no doubt about what the tone was going to be, but nothing could prepare us for what lay ahead. Indeed, a truly jet black level of gloominess looms over this film. Throughout the film, every scene and setting is bathed in dark colors making it a daring game to find anything bright or vibrant in the film. This new manifestation exists in a place where all lightheartedness would never tread. It gives you the feeling you are in a bat cave at all times, and it makes for a thrilling moviegoing experience. We are introduced to Batman in his new case to find his new arch-nemesis, The Riddler, but he may not be the most dangerous criminal in Gotham. He battles with dangers old and new as shocking truths are revealed about the city and himself.

Back in 2019, we were treated to the masterpiece that was “Joker” starring Joaquin Phoenix. Just as the “Joker” gave us a glimpse into the disturbingly realistic life of a Joker, who feels as if he could very well live in our world, we are given the same treatment here again. “The Batman” deals with real problems such as drugs, human trafficking, organized crime, and even the old villains, such as the Penguin, feel as if they were friends of Al Capone. Gotham itself may feel as though we have already walked its streets. This realism is perhaps the most unsettling aspect of this film. There are some humorous moments, however, that may have been unintentional. When Batman lets the Penguin go but doesn’t untie him, he’s forced to waddle back home like an actual penguin, which is just hilarious.

Zoë Kravitz stars as Catwoman and leaves a remarkable impression that gives her character justice as much as she delivers justice to Gotham. We see her simultaneously bicker and work alongside Batman in a way that truly makes the audience feel the chemistry between them. We see her on her mission to help someone in need but when things take a terrible turn she is forced to face the same enemy as Batman. Quality time at the movies or streaming at home is insured.

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