The Best Time of the Year

Aliyah Gibbs

Staff Writer/Editor

The perfect time of year has rolled around… finally. While I do appreciate the lovely attributes summer has to offer such as the beach, tri-colored popsicles and really exciting amusement parks, I am well-past ready to enjoy the coziness of the fall and winter seasons, where I can retreat to my personal “introvert’s paradise.” Since I will likely be enjoying the comfort of the indoors so frequently, I figured I should find some new and exciting fall recipes and home decor to try out during my favorite time of year.  

First up is the Apple Cider Doughnut Muffin from baker and blogger Sue Moran. The name alone makes this doughnut sound completely irresistible to a fall foodie like myself. This delectable recipe is complete in only 35 minutes and some relatively easy-to-follow steps. The recipe has great reviews on Sue’s blog, and it is a phenomenal beginner fall treat to kick off the season. 

Now, this next recipe doesn’t scream fall or winter in the sense of pumpkin spice or snowmen and Santa Claus. However, it does remind me of the cozy and soothing essence that the colder seasons provide. This next item is the Spicy Garlic Chicken Broth by Aida Ryder from her blog, Simply Delicious. This broth is described as being excellent for a chilly day, which is exactly what I had in mind when I came across it. Soup and cold weather were practically created for one another; and this broth is the perfect base to create your very own ideal winter soup. Personally, I was thinking of spinning the recipe by adding rice or some type of pasta–or maybe even some white beans and a leafy vegetable. The possibilities are nearly endless with this recipe, and I hope you have as much fun with it as I intend to. 

Lastly, I wanted to include some fall inspired candles. No true “introvert’s retreat” to the indoors is complete without the comforting, cozy vibe that candles–specifically fall candles–provide. So, here are two delectable scents that I think will accompany the occasion perfectly. The first candle is an in-your-face, almost obnoxious “fall” scent. These types of scents can be pretty hit or miss, but I tend to think they’re worth betting on. “Apple Picking” by P.F Candle Co. is one of the quintessential candles that I think might be worth the risk. The website mentions its notes of mulled cider and cedarwood that make it an ideal candidate for fall themed gatherings, or perhaps a simple Sunday night in. Whatever the occasion, the vibrant scent should compliment the setting perfectly. Second is the lovely “Egyptian Amber” scented candle from Kai and Co. creations. Its warm and fresh notes like amber, spice and fresh greens provide a relaxed and subtle feeling that I believe would make for a great all-year scent, but it would be nearly perfect for the upcoming colder seasons.

With all of that said, I hope this article has sparked some excitement and inspiration for you going into the coziest time of the year. Be sure to try out the recipes with friends and family, and make some lovely gifts out of those incredible smelling candles. (Or feel completely free to keep them for personal use!) However you end up spending your time, I hope at least a portion of it is spent doing something you enjoy. For me, that will include a cozy blanket and some type of all-spice flavored warm beverage. Merry seasons!

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