Fright Night Spotlight

Tyler Holden

Staff Writer

UNCG students hungry for a frightful Halloween experience headed to Piney Lake on Saturday, Oct. 29, for the third annual Fright Night hosted by UNCG Recreation and Wellness. Fright Night took place from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and was open to all UNCG students, though the students that chose to participate had to sign up to attend the event before the slots filled up. Students could sign up for the event online or in the Kaplan Center through Recreation and Wellness’ Outdoor Adventures. 

Fright Night centered around a haunted trail where students could expect spooky surprises jumping out at them. Fright Night also featured laser tag, a photo booth, pumpkin painting and games on the lawn. Fitting for the Halloween season, the haunted trail and its purposefully frightful attributes were ideal for students seeking a scary and spine-chilling experience. Alongside Fright Night at Piney Lake, Halloweekend activities took place on the lawn which any UNCG student could attend and enjoy as the month of October came to a close. With this event being the third official Fright Night held at UNCG, it was many students’ first time being involved in anything of the sort, and therefore many were excited to take part. On the heels of a time when events such as this were nearly nonexistent over the past two years, Fright Night was an opportunity for students to take a bit of a break from their busy semester and have an enjoyable scary experience. 

This year’s Fright Night was a scary success. UNCG Recreation and Wellness will in all likelihood continue to host events such as Fright Night for years to come. UNCG Recreation and Wellness has the ultimate goal of fostering student engagement as well as enhancing student academic and personal success. Piney Lake is an ideal place to plant the seeds for such a noble goal. It has long been a place that has facilitated recreational events and presents an ideal environment for such a special occasion as Fright Night. Piney Lake has a walking trail which is suitable for an event such as Fright Night, as well as hiking and other fun outdoor activities.

The site is not universally known about by students. Piney Lake is an off-campus site located at 4016 Blumenthal Road here in Greensboro. According to Recreation and Wellness’ posted regular hours, Piney Lake is open on weekends from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the fall of 2022. Shuttles are provided as a free mode of transportation to and from Piney Lake for UNCG students that have their Spartan ID. Piney Lake’s potential for students to utilize and destress from a hectic semester continues to persist after 66 years of serving as an integral part of university recreation.

UNCG Recreation and Wellness has as its chief goal to create a foundation for students and the UNCG community through which they can have access to opportunities that are educational while also giving them an engaging experience. UNCG Recreation and Wellness prioritizes student health and success. A key component of their purpose is to promote student wellbeing. Many students are unaware of all that UNCG Recreation and Wellness has to offer. There are several opportunities which UNCG Recreation and Wellness makes available for UNCG students. The Department of Recreation and Wellness offers services to students through the Kaplan Center, Natatorium, Outdoor Adventures and the new Esports Arena. In addition to this, the Kaplan Center features a rock climbing wall, exercise equipment, aquatics including a swimming pool and much more. Competitive activities are hosted such as intramural sports including basketball, flag football, outdoor soccer, sand volleyball and rugby. You can follow UNCG Recreation and Wellness on Instagram @uncgrecwell to learn more about special occasions such as Fright Night as well as future opportunities and events.

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