Preparing for Fall 2022 Final Exams at UNC Greensboro

Jessi Rae Morton

News Editor

The end of the Fall 2022 semester is just around the corner, and with the end of the semester come many important dates and deadlines. The last day of classes at UNC Greensboro for fall 2022 will be Wednesday, Nov. 30. Thursday, Dec. 1 is “Reading Day.” According to the Registrar’s Office, “Faculty may not give an examination nor an assignment in lieu of an exam on Reading Day.”

There are several events scheduled for the Last Day of Classes to help students prepare for exams and cope with the stress often associated with exam week. Scheduled events include:

Last Day of Classes event

On Wednesday, Nov. 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., join Campus Activities and Programs, the Elliott University Center, ACE & Your First Year in the EUC Cone Ballroom for the Last Day of Class. The event description on Spartan Connect states that “There will be study kits, giveaways, massages, an oxygen bar and more to help you prepare for finals!”

Stress LESS!

On Wednesday, Nov. 30 between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m., Counseling and Psychological Services will be holding a drop-in workshop to learn to Stress Less! Location information is available on the Spartan Connect Event Page.

Midweek Mindfulness

From the event description on Spartan Connect:

Midweek mindfulness is a drop-in free meditation program offered every Wednesday from 4-4:30 p.m. at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, 1st floor, room 110. No prior experience is needed. The program is facilitated by UNCG faculty and staff volunteers and will include simple instructions and periods of guided and silent meditation. Through Nov. 30 (no program on Nov. 23).

After the Last Day of Class activities, Final Exams will be held beginning on Friday, Dec. 2, and ending on Thursday, Dec. 8. The Final Exam Schedule is available online, but changes to the exam schedule are sometimes possible. The Registrar’s Office provides the following guidelines for changing exam times:

Students may change their examination schedule only under the following circumstances:

  1. Conflict in Exam Times – If a student has two examinations scheduled at the same time, this conflict must be corroborated in writing by the University Registrar’s Office, and another time must be negotiated by the student and the faculty member concerned.
  2. Crowding – In the event that a student has more than two examinations scheduled within a 24-hour period, the student must apply to the University Registrar’s Office for permission to change their exam schedule. (The usual course of action is to change the middle examination). If mutually agreeable, the student and the faculty member concerned may negotiate an acceptable time for the exam to be given.
  3. Other Circumstances – When a student is ill, has a death in the family, is practicing a religious observance, or when other circumstances occur that are beyond the student’s control, the student and the faculty member negotiate a new examination time.

In all cases, a rescheduled examination must be taken by the end of the scheduled examination period for the University.

While the guidelines that the Registrar’s Office provides rely on students and faculty members to negotiate exam times for the circumstances listed, the second circumstance (“crowding”) also has a more official process that students may use. According to the University Catalog for 2022-2023:

In instances where students have more than two exams within a 24-hour period, they may apply to the University Registrar’s Office, 180 Mossman Building, for permission to change their exam schedules. The usual process is to change the middle examination in a sequence of three. All requests for changes in examinations must be filed with the University Registrar’s Office before Reading Day.

As UNC Greensboro students prepare for exams, there are on campus events and policies in place that may make the last week of the semester a little less stressful.

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