emily moser

Spring Dances

  Emily Moser  Staff Writer At the end of every semester, the UNCG Dance Department performs a concert featuring dances they have been rehearsing and perfecting throughout the semester. In the midst of end of the year activities, students came… Read More ›

The Process of a Pixar Artist

Emily Moser     Staff Writer It seems like everybody had a favorite Disney-Pixar movie growing up. “Monster’s Inc.”, “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo”: these heartfelt critically acclaimed films create genuine connections with their audiences. I often think of Pixar movies… Read More ›

Waffles around Greensboro

Emily Moser   Staff Writer Sometimes, a good waffle is absolutely perfect. Warm, flaky, and sweet, these iron-molded gridded cake-like treats are an iconic breakfast staple. Even for lunch or dinner, waffles remain as a tasty comfort food. Served with… Read More ›

Faces of the community

Emily Moser   Staff Writer Like everyone, artists are products of the culture they are surrounded by. It is almost guaranteed that an artist’s work will somehow reflect their environment: whether they are celebrating it, depicting it accurately, altering it… Read More ›