Waffles around Greensboro

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Emily Moser
  Staff Writer

Sometimes, a good waffle is absolutely perfect. Warm, flaky, and sweet, these iron-molded gridded cake-like treats are an iconic breakfast staple. Even for lunch or dinner, waffles remain as a tasty comfort food. Served with butter, syrup, fruit, chicken or dozens of other possibilities, waffle styles vary from place to place.

Some are thinner than others, others sweeter and others softer or crispier. In honor of International Waffle Month and International Waffle Day (March 25), I tried waffles at several
different places around Greensboro, each close to campus.

When it comes to waffles, I don’t see myself as a particularly picky person; I like my waffles done any way. I usually eat them with just a little bit of butter and syrup. Often, waffles get too sweet. If the waffle is already very sweet, I will not add much syrup. I like to be able to taste the actual waffle itself, not just condiments.

        The first waffle I tried was at UNCG’s Fountain View Dining Hall. I would rate these waffles 2.5/5. Two different irons are available: one that makes four mini waffles, and one that makes a singular, larger cake. Batter and transferring cups are provided. You pour the mixture into a cup, and then to the iron, close and turn the the iron, and wait: a process so simple, even I didn’t mess it up. After about a minute, the waffle is ready.

        Although convenient, these waffles lack flavor. They are filling and thick, with deep indents from the iron. Saltier than most waffles I’ve had, the Fountain View also provides plenty of toppings. The dining hall is “all you can eat,” so you can have as many has you can handle.

        The next place I tried was “Scrambled” on Spring Garden Street. These waffles were amazing: 5/5. The prices are reasonable for the amount of food you will receive. With a nice atmosphere, friendly service and a delicious selection of other dishes, Scrambled is a perfect spot for brunch.

        The “Scrambled” waffle was served covered in powdered sugar. The round, cavernous cake was cooked to perfection: crispy, yet still soft. Salty and sweet, my waffle was perfect with just a tiny bit of butter and syrup; it was so good, I could’ve eaten it plain.

        The next place I tried was the iconic “Waffle House.” Open 24 hours, Waffle House is quick, convenient and guaranteed to fill any breakfast food craving. Small and intimate, these restaurants are an American classic for late night cravings and road trip stops. Their pricing is very affordable. There are several Greensboro “Waffle House” locations, and I
went to the one on Big Tree Way off of Wendover. The service was very nice and
the place smelled amazing.

        Obviously known specifically for their waffles, I’d rate “Waffle House”’s waffle a 4/5. These waffles are very flat compared to the others; the grid marks are very faint and shallow. Round and soft, these waffles were more cake-like. Extremely sweet, I barely needed any syrup. They also were extremely filling and heavy; I left very full.

        The last place I tried was “Dame’s Chicken and Waffles” on Martin Luther King Drive near downtown. Self-labeled as “Almost World Famous,” they had friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere, and this restaurant is another go-to brunch place. They are a tad bit pricey, but the food is quality.

        To keep my ratings fair and consistent, I only ordered a plain waffle; however, I think that the waffle would truly be in its best form if it was served with chicken. But, I would still rate this waffle a 3.5/5.

Surprisingly, this was the only square waffle I found. Sweet and soft, these cakes had a hint of cinnamon. “Dame’s” also served what they call “shmears,” which they describe as a “sweet crème butters delicately whipped with the freshest, natural ingredients.” I ordered the strawberry’s and crème shmear, which was very flavorful, but sweet. With the shmear, I had no need for syrup.

        Overall, Greensboro has plenty of places that offer delicious waffles. If you like sweeter, softer options, try “Waffle House” or “Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.” If you’re looking for something that is a little crispier, try “Scrambled.” And if you’re looking for a instant fulfilment for your waffle craving, the Fountain View Dining Hall offers a quality fix.

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