How to Save a Life

Catie Byrne Features Editor On Nov. 3, the Greensboro Police Department was called on the scene of an emergency at the intersection of Aycock Street and West Gate City Boulevard. A man, later identified as Todd Smith, was bleeding from… Read More ›

A Festivity of Film

Benjamin Pulgar-Guzman Staff Writer Rambunctious laughter spread quickly over the audience as the comedic short film, “Ghost Hunters,” by Christopher Serrano played. Many were dressed nice and were itching to watch student-made short films. The event was no other than… Read More ›

To Craft A Taco

Jamal Sykes Staff Writer Tacos are a universal favorite in communities across the United States due to its simplicity and the fact that most of us millennials have grown up eating them in some way. The taco is so beloved… Read More ›