Chancellor for hire

By Ayana Bessard, Staff Writer

By now we should all know that after seven years of being here at UNCG, Linda P. Brady is retiring from her position as chancellor of UNCG.

She will retire on July 31, 2015, just before the start of the 2015-2016 academic year.

I’m sure many of you may be wondering what a chancellor does, or what this even has to do with you.

First of all, being the chancellor is the highest position held at a university. They are responsible for all faculty and staff, the student body, the finances of the university, and its overall well-being.

Knowing that a chancellor is responsible for keeping all of that under control, UNCG students should understand that this has everything to do with them in regards to their academic experience.

With this being my fourth year at UNCG I have learned that one may never actually get a chance to personally interact with the chancellor due to our large student population, but it can still be a roller coaster.

From budget cuts for campus clubs and organizations to increased tuition costs, it’s important that students convey their needs to the chancellor, and that the chancellor be receptive to the students’ needs in return.

Although we want to celebrate the last year of Brady as chancellor, the university also needs to understand that there is another very important part of this process. That is finding out what the university (students, faculty, staff included) needs in the next chancellor, and properly executing that search.

Of course students naturally want a chancellor who is a genuine, well-rounded, educated individual with high integrity.

Integrity is important because it’s a value taught in each and every class offered at UNCG, and our academic integrity policy is highly enforced.

A huge plus would be someone who is valued or highly spoken of around the UNCG community. That way, the future chancellor would already know how to properly advocate for and represent UNCG according to its values, such as service to the community.

A big concern for students is that we want a chancellor who wants to advance and expand the university, but only as needed.

This is especially important because students want to be able to have a say-so in how their university grows, because it does have a direct affect on them.

For example, an ideal chancellor would be extremely involved in and concerned with the student body government.

SGA is the student voice of the university, and a deep connection with the chancellor provides the opportunity that he or she will know what is most important to the students and tend to that.

This could avoid students having to continuously deal with tuition increases, especially when paying for things we don’t need or ask for.

Basically, UNCG students want a chancellor who is here for themselves, their professors, and the UNCG staff and who is not just holding the position for the profits.

After the many protests on campus this year, it is obvious that students care about the university they attend, and are willing to fight for what they believe is right.

By having a chancellor that feels the same way about UNCG would provide for a very beneficial relationship with the university’s community.

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