Rushing through the holidays

Illustration by Dafne Sanchez/The Carolinian

Illustration by Dafne Sanchez/The Carolinian

By Jacob Peller, Staff Writer

With the semester ending everyone is excited.

And not just because they can finally throw off all of their anxiety about classes and exams, but more likely it is due to a particular holiday coming up.

This holiday is full of giving, spending time with family, and celebrating being a good person to your neighbors.

Can you guess what holiday I’m referring to?

I’m going to stop you right here and say no, it’s not Christmas. Its Thanksgiving I’m referring to.

Christmas isn’t until the end of December, there is so much more going on before that.

And yet Christmas has taken over. Everywhere you look there are Christmas trees, giant inflatable yard Santas and music…my god, that terrible music.

There is nothing wrong with classics, and even I find myself enjoying a bit of Bing Crosby every once in a while, but that’s just it. Every once in a while implies that I should hear those songs maybe once or twice a week.

Instead it’s like a nonstop repeat of the same four songs in every store and on every radio station; it borders on madness.

What’s wrong with making new holiday music?

Every artist puts out their own rendition of the classic songs but nobody seems to want to make anything new, or if there are some they sadly aren’t given any time on the radio.

But before I go off on a rant and everyone paints me to be a Scrooge, let me just say I love Christmas!

The reason is mostly because I’m Jewish, though.

Being a Jew on Christmas is awesome!

My family always celebrates the same way each year; we get some Chinese food and watch a movie, then end the night by driving around the empty streets admiring all the decorations.

I especially love being outside because the town is empty while everyone else is in church or celebrating at home.

So with all that in mind I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having a little festive spirit during the holidays, but that’s just the problem, we aren’t even in the festive season yet.

Everyone has thought this or at least heard the argument that Christmas is getting earlier and earlier with each year that goes by. I recall seeing festive tinsel trees in stores as early as September, that’s way too early to be promoting a holiday. Especially when there are at least three large holidays in front of it this year, those being: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Hanukah, which starts the week before Christmas Eve.

Everyone remembers Thanksgiving right?

You know, that holiday where we come together as a family to celebrate when Native Americans and pilgrims decided to eat with each other in an albeit brief moment of non-conflict.

I would be less likely to think everyone forgot were it not for the fact that apparently Black Friday sales start Thanksgiving night this year, I won’t go into the issues with Black Friday itself.

Of course, my refraining from this topic is hard given that it is a black hole of rampant consumerism that it cuts time away from Thanksgiving itself.

It essentially says that as soon as the turkey is eaten it’s time to drop everything and start buying gifts for Christmas; this doesn’t allow for families to spend time together if they must steel themselves for the battle of Christmas shopping.

It doesn’t seem like a hard concept, but I guess some people would rather spend slightly less money on an item for someone rather than spending time with them.

Black Friday has always seemed like last minute rush shopping, but I suppose that’s just how companies herd us around during this season.

Though if I could give some advice to everyone come next year when Christmas shopping ends up happening the day before Halloween: these holidays are more than just an excuse to buy things or drink profusely; they’re a time to celebrate with the ones you love, where we’re reminded of the monumentally good things that happened in the past.

Don’t sully that memory by joining into this vile practice of mob shopping. In the end, it isn’t worth the lost time or effort.

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