Losing yourself in the music

Thecomeipshow/ Flickr

Thecomeipshow/ Flickr

Emnit Dejene
  Staff Writer

It’s finally August, that means school is starting and so is the stress. Before starting classes, having one last hurrah is appropriate— something fun to finalize the summer. What better way to forget reality completely than a concert!

College students have had a long, three-month break, but the last few weeks of summer can be very stressful, as everyone is busy figuring out tuition plans, book prices, classes, etc. So, the best remedy for being overwhelmed is forgetting, and the perfect way to forget is through music. Not just music from your phone but a live concert.

In attempt to conclude my summer on a good note, I attended a J Cole concert with a couple of  friends.

This concert, in particular, had several acts; artists like Big Sean, YG and Jeremih. Even though having so many of these opening artists means you have to wait longer to see the artist you truly want to see, it can actually be a positive thing, giving people a chance to discover new music.

This concert was also a very popular one, many people from around North Carolina were at the show, giving me an opportunity to see many of my classmates who I have not seen since high school; a reunion almost.

For me, being around people who appreciate the same music as me is liberating. The feeling of seeing so many people comprehend the songs thoroughly enough to repeat the lyrics back to the artist and understanding that it means something different to each individual there is an amazing experience in itself.

The atmosphere of being at this concert was visibly electric; from everyone jumping up and down to the way J Cole would be amazed at how much of a responsive crowd he was playing to.

“I almost forgot I have to work tomorrow,” was a comment one audience member made, starting a conversation about how  listening to live music made them feel like they were stress free and their responsibilities were taken care of.

Losing yourself in the lyrics and the rhythm, completely enjoying a live show with great artists, almost seems like a medicine from reality. So, do yourself a favor and attend a live music show before school starts to get hectic. Be careful, though, because post-concert depression, better known as PCD, is real.

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