The top five things any self-respecting Spartan has to do this year


Jackson Cooper
    Staff Writer

I’ve never been one for sentimental openings. I drink my coffee black; I like gritty Tarantino movies; and I appreciate banned books. Sentimental openings out the door: welcome back to school!

To survive the upcoming year, I have concocted a list of things that you absolutely have to do your first week at UNCG.

And remember: Don’t Forget To Floss.

5) Buy a Moleskin

Moleskins are great to have, especially when you get one of those sweet personal journals from Barnes and Noble at the Friendly Center. And since they’re priced around $20 a piece, you know they’re hip and trendy. I know $20 is a lot— about 10 bagels at Tate Street Coffee, 3 and 1/2 Chipotle Bowls and a few Cliff Bars— but it really is worth it.

Trust me, you’ll need that cool week-by-week calendar and lined-paper to help you get organized for the upcoming year. After all, no one likes to see a poor freshman crying in the fetal position by mid-semester.

4) Download Uber

Drink responsibly. And when you do, call Uber. Do not, and I mean DO NOT, get behind the wheel of a car.

Next week, I will be featuring the top parties that you simply have to go to the first few weeks of school; so you better take notes. Of course, don’t drink if you’re underage. But if you’re lucky enough to be 21, then you better download Uber to your phone to ensure that you can get to and from home safely.

They’re cheap, too! And pretty safe, as long as you don’t run into a disgruntled taxi driver. Not to mention that if you’re looking for a quirky job, Uber is a cool way to make some extra money to buy all those swag moleskins! Plus, they’ll even provide you with an iPhone.

3) Don’t Walk Under the Clock Tower

Yeah, it’d be funny if you did. But don’t. Ask people who have. Yeah, that’s right, they’re still here because they’re “super seniors”. Is that what you want? Right. Just don’t do it.

2) Go See A Soccer Game

Sports events offer a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, make new friends and see UNCG’s best teams compete. And soccer games are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of UNCG.

At this point, it is important to note that UNCG is based on the values of community and collaboration in both education and sports. And soccer at UNCG is uniquely able to bring people together through exciting games and experiences.

Now, you have to know that soccer games are a rite of passage for students new to UNCG. So, invite friends, go grab dinner at the caf beforehand and cheer on your team at the beautiful soccer fields one evening! Just remember to bring your student ID so you can get in; not doing so, would be kind of embarrassing.

1) Be a Good Friend

It’s just what it says: Be a good friend. I promise, you’ll make a lot of new friends when school starts. Some people you’ll connect with immediately; others, you’ll have to take some time with.

But in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Some relationships take more time than others, so be patient with them. If you connect with a person in one way, but others in multiple ways, don’t ignore the first person. Make sure that you get to know them.

Some of us are guarded about our experiences and need time to open up, trust, and ultimately love. Be a good friend, and in the end, you’ll have a companion to discuss everything with.

So, take this advice to heart and have a swell first week!

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