Alt-Right Manhood

Nicholas Tyler Staff Writer One gets a curious sense of the familiar when reading about the alt-right. In the chosen symbols, the slogans and the memes, you might recall voices from childhood or, more likely, adolescence. The young men who… Read More ›

Take a Knee

Krysten Heberly Staff Writer Colin Kaepernick has been under fire since August of 2016 for making the decision to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. He has received national press coverage for this action, and has… Read More ›

Learning to Defend

Kaetlyn Dembkoski Staff Writer When doing last minute preparations for college, we hope to pack everything we need. From school supplies to room decorations, the essentials are all boxed up. We’ve got to double check that we’ve got everything since… Read More ›

Nancy Hell-no-si

Krysten Heberly Staff Writer It is evident that the people of America are in search of a change from the kinds of politics that we have been seeing for decades now. Phrases like “political revolution” have become standard when discussing… Read More ›